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Saw some INCREDIBLY uneducated comments about Rife in answer to a recent question. Royal Raymond Rife was another genious in the style of Tesla and he came to the conclusion in the 1920’s that if everything is energy (and that’s perhaps the ONLY thing that ALL scientists agree on) then if you could find the life frequency of a pathogen - you should be able to blow it up by hitting it at the same frequency under power. But how to prove it?
In 1929 he built the world’s first microscope powerful enough to see a living cell and sat there with cancerous tissue under the microscope and a frequency generator. He slowly wound the frequency generator up until one day the cells got incredibly agitated and literally - blew up. Go on line and you can still find front page news articles with the top medical professionals of the time LINING UP to get their photos taken with him, and giving him accolades for the number of people he was curing of cancer. Then he was shut down by the pharmaceutical companies, but his legacy (and learniing) lives on.
Is it a cure all? I don’t believe ANYTHING is but… consider this - more than 80% of the TERMINAL cancer patients i have treated in the last 6 years (given from 1-6 months to live by the hospitals) have been cleared BY theose hospitals as no longer having cancer. And NO side effects. So for the Rife detractors - hey, help yourself to the horrific effects of chemotherapy (at a 2.1% five year survival rate) and good luck to you. Getting the RIGHT Rife machine is exceptinoally important (of course) because there are any number of them out there that don’t work but don’t put it down without knowing what the hell you are talking about. I DO after 8 years in the military in nuclear, bacteriological, chemical, and electronic warfare (electronics being my sepeciality).

I can’t help but notice your qualifications don’t include oncologist.

Has there ever been a gamechanging technology that was successfully suppressed for almost 100 years? Not just “only used by the elites”, but actually suppressed and not used at all and not believed to exist by anyone who has knowledge on the subject.

No doubt you can cite some of the case studies of this.

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Before you move on to further rants about this very important topic, can you do me a favor and explain what the hell “modalities” means? I’ve never heard this term from anyone who wasn’t peddling snake oil. Still haven’t gotten a straight answer as to what it means. It seems like a handy way to say “I’m smarter than you, so stop asking inconvenient questions”.

Being crazy like Tesla does not necessarily make one a genius like Tesla. Indeed, whether Tesla was all that much a genius is still open to some debate (and I’m deeply Team Nicola).

This is very nearly nonsense, but even if we accept it as given, it doesn’t make anything that follows correct. To wit:

There is no such thing. It is made-up claptrap.

Also nonsense, with entirely spurious definitions of “blow it up,” "hitting, " “frequency” and “power.”

All of this is evangelical woo, fabricated from a wisp of reality and a truckload of religious desperation.

If this is true, and of course I have no reason at all to think it is not, it is among the most earth-shaking discoveries in the history of oncology.

Where have your results been published? Where can I read your methodology? How did you conduct your sampling?

Or…wait. You did actually follow empirical, scientific processes, right? I mean, I can’t imagine why you wouldn’t have, since performing your treatments in a scientifically rigorous fashion, and then publishing your results in a reputable, peer-reviewed journal would result in astounding fame and fortune for you–and more importantly would save millions of lives. So obviously you didn’t just make shit up. Kindly provide DOIs for your research.


Riiiiight. All the rest of the bullshit snake oil is just crap, but Professor Farnsworth’s Miracle Sauce[sup]TM[/sup] is the real deal!

So, as already mentioned, no experience in oncology. Or medicine. Or biology. Or physics. Or, indeed, science.

I shouldn’t hold my breath for that published research, huh?


Not to mention that bacteria don’t cause cancer…

When I was a kid I had a comic book that explained how Superman got his superpowers, which even as a kid struck me as dodgy, but it was a hell of a lot better “science” than that.

The factual point to note here is that there is a history of people abandoning cancer treatments because of “Rife devices” sold as cures for cancer, and these people have died, leading to charges of health fraud including felony health fraud against the promoters. Some of these charlatans were quite properly sentenced to prison terms, but in my opinion not nearly long enough.

Nice fairy tale.
Got cites?

There is a risk that you may not get an answer, inasmuch as the OP may be like that plop of bird poop you sometimes get on your windshield – a mere passing contribution by the author, who flies on to other things, though mildly annoying to the recipient.

If this turns out to be the case, I might be able to help about “modalities”, as I know a Nigerian prince with whom I am currently working on certain confidential business arrangements, and this prince uses that word quite a lot. I’ll ask him about it.

What recent question? I can’t find any mention of the fraud on this board before your brought him up in this thread.

DrCube, modalities is perfectly cromulent as applies to different forms of cancer treatment; e.g., from Merck Manual Modalities of Cancer Therapy:

Having had 4 of these 5 basic modalities of treatment in the past year, I’m uncomfortably familiar with the term.

As I see it, any claim that conflates the physicists’ definition of energy with biological feelings of health and vigor immediately flunks the woo test.

I do like how he mentions that you have to get the right snake oil, because there are lots of people with the wrong snake oil, which won’t work.

Thing is, if you know the other guy has the wrong snake oil, why is he able to keep selling his bad snake oil? How does the patient determine which snake oil salesman has the right stuff and which one has the wrong stuff?

The method we use to try to differentiate between bad snake oil that doesn’t work and good snake oil that does work is called “science”. We give some people the snake oil, we give some people a placebo, and then see if the patients treated with the snake oil get better. And we don’t tell the patients which treatment they’re getting and we don’t tell the doctors evaluating them either, so they don’t , you know, cheat. If at the end of the treatment the snake oil doesn’t help any better than a placebo, we know that the snake oil is bad snake oil. If the treatment works better than the placebo then we know…it’s a promising treatment that needs more tests.

Thing is, if you had a magic box that cured cancer, how would you know it works? “I had cancer. I took the snake oil. My cancer got better.” You know, that might be true. But it doesn’t demonstrate that the snake oil works, it just demonstrates that you took the snake oil. I have a rock in my pocket that repels tigers. I’ve had it for years, and I’ve never been attacked by a tiger once. How much would you pay for my rock?

Some people with cancer get worse. Some get better. And that’s without any treatment. So how do you know that your particular treatment works?

I know one way you can tell. If the peddlers of said miracle cancer cure are in prison for felony health fraud and their patients are dead, as they are in the case of this particular miracle cancer cure, it’s probably a good idea to get your cancer cure somewhere else, like an actual doctor.

How would we know? :confused::eek:

Are you saying that you’re giving treatments to cancer patients using some sort of machine that causes tumors to literally blow up? And if I asked you why you’re qualified to blow up my tumors, you would tell me that you have eight years in the military with a background in nuclear, bacteriological, chemical, and electronic warfare?

Are you a physician? Osteopath? Radiologist?

Probably picked up an energy burst from this thread or post.

YOU have treated? I would think that those people would be ecstatically singing your praises. All you need to do is get them to publish their before-and-after medical records, demonstrating that, (barring an post hoc, ergo propter hoc issue, of course), they were sick and are now healthy. (Doctors and hospitals are bound by HIPAA rules, but patients are not, so there should not be any problem acquiring and publishing those records.)

However, it’s also popular with the education crowd, so I can see how **DrCube **confuses it with snake oil. :wink: