Hearing a word spoken on TV or other source at the same moment you read/write it

This question/observation is so mundane and pointless that it needs its own sub-forum within this sub-forum.

This happens to me, and I’m wondering if anyone else has experienced it. It’s best described with a couple of examples. It just happened a minute ago. I’m here reading and typing on my computer and the TV is on. Saturday I have the PBS cooking shows on. I was replying to the thread in Cafe Society on Welsh rarebit. I typed this sentence: “Then assemble the following ingredients,” and as I typed the word following, Chris Kimball on Milk Street said the word following. At the same moment.

Another example: I walk in the morning at the local mall and listen to audio books. A while ago I was listening to some book–I’ve forgotten which one-- and in the narrative, the word *fossil *was spoken. At that exact moment, I looked up and saw the word *fossil *above the door of the store I was just then passing.

I’d say this happens to me once a month or so. I guess if you never have the TV on while you’re reading or interacting on your computer, this will not happen to you. But often enough that I notice it, I’ll be reading and as I read a given word, someone on TV says that word at exactly the same moment. I’m talking about words that wouldn’t normally come up routinely in conversation, e.g., omelet, handlebars, shuttle, pas de deux. I notice it because it happens with a fairly non-routine word.

**PLEASE NOTE: **I’m not attributing any meaning to this, not looking for an explanation, not making a big deal out of it. Yes, this phenomenon comes under the heading of coincidence. Just wondering if this happens to anyone else such that you notice it. If the question, “So what?” pops into your mind when reading this, I don’t have an answer for you.

Yep, noticed it many times before, and with really unlikely words. I think that I have even mentioned it here before, in one of the threads on odd coincidences.

And here it is–couldn’t find it with the SD search engine, but did find it with Google.

Oh my goodness. Thanks for that. :slight_smile: