Heart attack on a bun

Naughty nurses uniforms spark controversy, film at eleven. :smiley:

I take it Ms. Summers has never seen any porn whatsoever. Get over yourself, Sandy. We’re nurses. What we do is what defines our profession, not some greasy spoon that, 'til you made a huge case out of it, very few people had ever heard of. This sexual fixation on nurses has been going on since the fifties (earlier?). It isn’t likely to stop any time soon.

Besides, they look more like candy stripers to me.

I don’t see a problem with “moving these sexual fantasies to other professions”

When selling death burgers, an equally enticing costume would be a dominatrix :smiley:

Ah, the Southpark business model.

  1. Open a business,

  2. Offend as many people as possible at one time,

  3. Make profit.

In one fell swoop, they’re offending nurses, feminists, fundies, the American Heart Association, vegans, PETA, … Am I forgetting anyone?


Pretty much anyone in the nutrition profession.

I’ve GOT to go to this place. Any place that wheels you to your car in a wheelchair is a place I want to go to. :smiley:


I guess the French Maids’ Union has been really pissed off for the last few decades.

Not to mention that “Nutritional Pornography” makes a wicked band name. :cool:

Anybody else read “Sandy Summers” and think “whoa, porn star name”? :dubious:

Well, there is only one of the groups mentioned, that if offended, I have any sympathy for. The Nurses. If that is offensive then I will take my chastisement. I just wish I knew how to make it right, do you want to punish me?,Oh yeah, punish me, punish me hard!!!

sorry, wierd mood I’m in tonight.

A bit like the classic: Buy a pub or bar. Have no intention of turning it into a titty bar, but nonetheless tip off the local feminists that you are going to do so, then tip of the local media that the feminists are going to stage a protest rally. Enjoy the free publicity.

Dammit! They were just waiting for me to move away from Tempe to open this, weren’t they?

Just kidding!

Dr. Rieux (grandson of an LPN and brother of two more)