Heart Deviated Septum Unborn Baby

A friend has a seven month unborn child, with the lower chamber having a deviated septum. Anybody out there that can link to a site that is meaningful, or has experience, with this, please post. In twenty days they go back to see what is happening. The child might die or live. Both the parents are very stressed out now. I still care for the people I know, so this also affects me. The doctors will try to repair the defect at that time, if circumstances are right. Anybody that has had this happen please post information.

I count on the vast knowledge of the people here, and hope to get a reply as to the likely outcomes, and procedures.

Thanks Phobia.

Can you be a bit more specific? Do you mean a ventricular septal defect?

Anything from the National Institutes of Health is good, and, this site on congenital heart disease seems to be no exception.

Another possibilty is just to search Yahoo for “congenital heart disease” and scan the various offerings. There are a number of personal experience, support, etc., sites found there.

As frightening as this is, nothing will be done for this mother and baby that will not be done by very very well prepared people. The “risk vs benefit” will have to be very much in favor of benefit.

Try this site:

Pediatric Cardio

Click on “Ventricular Septal Defect” (on the left hand side) The little drawings look good for showing what the problem could be; what exactly the doctor would do in your friend’s particular case, I don’t know.


A “deviated septum” is something that happens to your nose.


Okay, you’re saying that this is a seven-month fetus?

And that they’re talking about surgery in utero?

Dude. :eek: I’m truly sorry to sound negative here, but from what’s on the Web, it sounds like we’re talking about seriously experimental stuff here, not cut-and-dried “Oh, I’ll look it up on the Internet” stuff. :frowning: There’s no “one really good website” for this.

Google. “fetal echocardiography”.


“fetal cardiac surgery”.

“ventricular septal defect”, although this info applies to babies, not fetuses.

Try using some of these terms in Google, in various combinations: “fetal surgery cardiac septal heart”.


Thanks for the contributions folks. I haven’t had time to try the links yet. I’m going out tonight with the father so he can talk, if he wants to. I am checking everyday, even if you don’t see a reply by me on a daily basis.

They will induce labor, and imediately do surgery, if possible.

Things are much worse, and I can’t state how I feel things are going to progress. Please don’t bother replying to this thread any longer. All I feel I can do is listen to his problems everyday. He’s very confused and emotional right now, and feels he can’t show it, or his wife and kids will have a break down.

I have told him that he can always talk to me and ask for help. This means a lot to him to have an outlet. I know from the last few years, that someone to daily confide in is rquired at times. I promised that what we discussed will not make it public. This is the last post on the subject.