Heart versus thumb buttons on Facebook

A question for people who use Facebook: How do you differentiate your use of the like and love buttons? I tend to associate the heart with the poster, so I only use it for pictures of family members - nieces, nephews, children, etc. I use like for pretty much everything else. I’ve seen other people use love on pictures of puppies or kittens or scenery, so they apparently associate it with the subject matter and not the poster. Much like eating a Reese’s cup, there’s no wrong way to do this. I’m just curious how others apply like versus love.

“I like this!” versus “I LOVE this!”

Or sometimes “Sending you some love because of what you posted” (say if someone posts about losing a loved one, but it’s a positive post about what the loved one meant to them. I think “cry emoji” is too cliched so I’ll post “love” because what they wrote is lovely.)

Yep, all of this.

Also, I rarely ever use the mr angryface emoji. He’s just too over-the-top.

Pretty much. Sometimes ironically; if someone posts some line-pushingly disgusting humour, I’ll probably “love” it.

I’m very active on Facebook and use all the emojis. I’m very restrained with my love emoji so friends will know that I strongly approve of the post. Just used it a couple minutes ago for the first pic of a friend’s new puppy.

The anger one is mainly for news stories, particularly Brexit and Trump. Don’t use it for friends’ post often unless it’s a, ‘Found our my boyfriend was cheating on me’ type post.

The sad emoji I use when a friend posts something that’s particularly sad. I don’t use it for minor events. So, that’s my way of showing them I really did read their status and care. ‘I just broke up with my boyfriend.’

The laugh emoji is pretty obvious, a lot of my friends have good senses of humor and can be quite sarcastic.

The wow emoji is pretty similar, it’s a response for something that may not be funny, but just part of life. I can’t ‘like’ that they’re stuck on a middle seat on a flight to Hong Kong, so I’d use wow for that.

The thumbs up like is given to show that I read it, but have no strong reaction. ‘Just missed the train, 20 minutes until the next one.’

I don’t really think about the emoji itself. I just use it if they are describing something horrible that we need to get fired up about. You know, like when people were posting about the child concentration camps. Sure, I could have used the sad emoji, but it doesn’t quite convey the issue.

As for love vs. like: I don’t think I’ve used it much for letting someone know I love them: I tend to just post that directly. I use “like” for something I agree with, and “love” for something I think is especially good.

Sad is, of course, when they share sad news. And laughing is for stuff that is funny.

Apparently, there’s also WOW, but I’ve never used that one. The only place I can think I’d use it is if someone I knew well posted something they consider a big accomplishment (including looking really good). But I’d probably be more likely to post LOVE–because it’s more clear what that means. The emoticon looks more like “shock” to me, and that’s not always positive.