Accidental FB links: Ever done it? Need bogus explination fast!

So you know those websites that have the “like” or “follow” button featured somewhere prominent? Ever click one of those by mistake when looking at something you don’t need to advertise to the entire universe, with less than ideal results?

How did you explain it away?

Need answer fast! :smiley:

BTW “left my computer on, forgot to log out, someone else did it” excuse doesn’t work.

You couldn’t just delete it and hope nobody saw it in the few nanoseconds it was up?

I never use them. Do you mean they don’t at least offer you a confirm box? Nice.

You mean the “I don’t like this anymore”* feature doesn’t work with (certain) links? Bugger indeed.

*My FB interface is in French, so I’m not sure what this feature is “officially” called in English: after you click “Like” (“J’aime”), the “Like” button changes into one that says “I don’t like this anymore” (“Je n’aime plus”), that you click when you “don’t like” something anymore.