Like->unlike rapidly on facebook

If I accidentally like something but immediately unlike it, will the other person receive a notification?

I don’t believe Facebook sends “like” notifications by email. I’ve never received one and I don’t see a setting for it on the notification configurations panel.

When you like something, the notification icon on the other person’s dashboard lights up inviting them to click it to see what silly thing somebody liked. If you unliked the thing you accidentally liked, the flag is turned off and there won’t be any indication that you liked the thing you liked and then unliked.

The whole thing hinges on whether or not they were looking at their FB screen during the time you liked and then unliked whatever it was you unintentionally liked.

I get “like” notifications on my fb page not in my email. Test it out on one of your friends to find out. I would be interested in the results.

I’m awaiting these results. It would be good to know.

Just tried it by liking one of my wife’s comments. It showed up on her laptop immediately. I clicked Like and Unlike immediately. Almost at a double click on the mouse.

It notified her as soon as I clicked Like. When she clicked on the notification, it brought her to the picture where the comment was, but it didn’t show that someone had Liked it. But in the Notification comment, it did briefly describe the comment that was liked, so she knew which comment I Liked, even if it wasn’t there by the time she got to it.

Tried it with just a photo as well. It still shows the notification no matter how fast you unLike it. And clicking the notification takes her to the photo I Liked.

That’s troubling.

So don’t “Like” things on Facebook. Is there a reason you have to?

I have, on multiple occasions, accidentally clicked a like button. It is a problem with surfing on mobile devices.

It says which photo or comment you liked, but does the notification also say who liked it if that person immediately unliked it?

I know this is hardly new, but I find this sort of terminology strangely reminiscent of Newspeak. Un-like is a great word, though. Also, ‘to friend’ is a great new addition to the English language.

Yes, the notification will say “Akimbo gait liked your photo” When your friend then clicks on “photo” it will take him/her to the photo you liked, but your like will not show up there.
So your friend will know that you did a quick like/unlike.

So if someone likes a status it shows up on others peoples newsfeed as “----- likes this photo” does that show up if you unlike it right after wards

Facebook now sends email notifications if someone likes your status.

Only if they are online between the “like” and the “unlike” or if they get email notification. If they log on afterwards they won’t see anything in my experience.

Only if you configure it to do so. I would hope that most people turn off all email notifications.