Facebook fail

You know those little “KneadToKnow likes the Atlanta Braves!” things that pop up from time to time on Facebook?

Well, I just had the creepiest one ever:

[Your dead niece] likes Eating!

Really? Well, that’s news.

Eek! I thought that only happened when someone newly “likes” a facebook page.

I have a few fb friends who are now deceased. It’s bad enough when fb encourages me to “Write on Mike’s wall!!!”

Yours is worse.

No, this would be worse.

More evidence of the zombie apocalypse…

(On a serious note, sorry for your loss :frowning: )


Thanks, gary. She’s been gone for a while, but things like this do make it rather acutely felt.

In case you weren’t aware, there’s a form to have the FB accounts of deceased users memorialized. Confirmed friends can leave memorial posts on the wall and visit the page, but no one can log into it and it won’t show up with those little notices like you found.

Apparently not. After the third time my brother “liked” a new videogame recently, I kidded him that he seemed awfully excited about it and asked if I should pick up a copy. He had no idea what I was talking about. He’d clicked “like” on something once and now it’s sending out a new “Turnip’s brother likes…” every time the page is updated, it seems.

I asked another friend who’d been “liking” a particular page almost every day, sometimes more than once a day, if they were actually clicking on Like. Same thing, nope. Weren’t aware that anyone was seeing them, even, because they don’t show up on the alleged liker’s own wall.

Pretty underhanded, if you ask me. Assures me that my policy of never “liking” anything is a good one. What if you “like” a page one day, and the next time they update it they say something completely stupid or offensive?

There should be a separate button for “unconditional/indefinite like,” if that’s what you’re actually agreeing to.

Yeah. I had a buddy that died in afghanistan and recently he started updating his statuses. I wasn’t too comfortable with the idea but it gave me a glimmer of hope that he wasn’t really gone.