Heat of the moment 'Fuck French TV'

U2 singing ‘One’ in Hyde Park in front of millions of people - what do we have on French TV ???

Fucking adverts !!!

They have taken a break from a concert aimed at helping bring an end to 3rd world debt / poverty to get us to buy toothpaste, tampons and car insurance what the …

Maybe Oprah was right after all …

Given that I think Live Eight is an overhyped wankfest and U2 are overhyped wankers, I’m not working up much rage over this.

I think Bono would be immensely helped by being completely ignored for a few decades. But that’s just me.

[Jerry Lee Lewis] "Whole lotta wankin’ goin’ on…[/JLL]

And I agree on Bono.

What did Oprah say?

We get it on public tv, but we still get weird commercials with black people who can’t speak proper English going on about something with some bankaccount or other … or … wait … :smack: :smiley:

I haven’t really been watching it though. That said, I think that the initiative is a good thing and hopefully saves some people from becoming cynical gits like you. :stuck_out_tongue:

The sad fact is that Bono is a lot more likely to do something about our debilitating subsidies that destroy Africa’s trade position than anyone here. That he spends most of his time doing something useful for the world, rather than, say, just screwing around all day and buying yet another Hummer, is commendable, whether you think he’s a wanker or not.

Well, she couldn’t buy that diamond encrusted TV at Hermes the way she had planned, so she isn’t watching.

Arwin: What has Bono done for any real cause beyond these benefit concerts and Public Appearances? Writing songs doesn’t count, but giving money obviously does.

(And come to think of it, benefit concerts count as giving money as long as most of the money the concert rakes in actually goes to charity. So maybe Live Eight isn’t bad wanking after all. And maybe Bono really can feed African kids just by wanking. Freaking inspiring.)

Yeah. Damn market. We’d probably all be better off without it.

I wouldn’t know where to begin … In Ireland I suppose, where he came from a protestant mother and catholic father (or vice versa). Try google? You won’t nearly find everything, but he really, really did a lot. And PR counts heavily too. Try renting a star of his stature to make a commercial for Pepsi or Coke.

Those last two sentences are a bit scary.

The Nigerian spammers are on TV now??!

Hubby’s watching the concert on Fox8 (cable TV channel) right now. It’s after midnight in almost all parts of Australia and yet Fox still can’t be concerned enough about the concert to suspend their normal advertising about home loans and car insurance as well.

On free-to-air TV I can almost excuse it, but on cable it’s a bit rich…

hehehehe, Smeghead & Liberal :slight_smile:

Isn’t Bono the guy who sued his ex-stylist because she sold his hat? He called it a ‘hallowed symbol’ and an ‘icon’, right?

Yeah, let’s ignore him. He can’t sing for shit, anyway.

Wow, a concert which will have the effect of propping up some of the worst, most despotic governments which use some of the worst, most corrupt and backward economic systems in the world…and you’re complaining about commercials being placed on TV? Gee, I guess the first payment that Live Eight should have made would be to the owners of the station so that they bought all of the advertising time. After all, the airwaves aren’t free (well, putting signals into them isn’t free.)

How’s about another idea. Instead of trying to pressure the G8 to ‘forgive debt, subsidize their governments and (you’ve got to be shitting me) give NEW LOANS!?’
If I missed my car payments, a big fellow named Bubba with a towtruck would come over and take it. If I’m Zaire (I refuse to call it the Democratic (it’s not) People’s (if you count the tortured, raped, murdered, deported) Republic (they haven’t had an honest election since when? Colonial days?) of Congo (true)), I can get away with owing the US $10.1 BILLION (not counting IMF and World Bank debts) and get away with paying only $74 million a year, and stopping all payments in '93? Where’s Bubba?!

Perhaps instead of ‘rocking out’ to draw attention to the plight of Africans and their debt, lets figure a way to keep the debt from happening again. Say, forgive it and then deny them further funds? Or perhaps forgive the debt, then seize their mineral resources as collateral against reneging on the debt? If you or I take out a loan, they usually want some form of security on it. Why shouldn’t the cesspool that is the majority of Sub-Saharan africa?

should read “reneging on new loans?” Sorry.

It’s not about Bono.

Anyone who saw Annie Lennox’s set yesterday, and saw her following interview on TV, and can still get themselves in a knot over personal opinions about particular pop stars is missing the point in a mountain of ignorance. Annie’s integrity, personal involvement and dedication to this issue is beyond reproach. If she thinks it was a good idea then it’s fine by me. Go tell her it was a ‘wankfest’ and compare it to what you’ve ever done.

Isn’t it just bizarre how all the corruption starts when the money passes through the door of African government?? I mean, there’s the Western nations delivering great big bundles of untainted money, and it just vanishes due to their corruption. We know not where and doesn’t involve us!

How about, now here’s a radical idea, give them aid/loans that don’t come with the restriction that they are spent on big fat contracts for companies based in your country. The end result of these kinds of loans/aid is;

  • the money never actually leaves the West. This is cash that doesn’t disappear down some backstreet in Africa. It’s money in the international markets controlled by the West. The average African sees none of it but is expected to pay it back.

  • the country’s government gets into bed with those paradigm of democracy; the multi-national conglomerate that gets the contract and therefore has all the money, all the power and all the corrupt officials.

  • the money is spent on massive and inappropriate development schemes that do little for the general population.

So you don’t have to look as far as the African government to catch the whiff of corruption. The whole system is corrupt. Of course, so few people appreciate that’s what is happening, perhaps they need their attention drawn to it… hang on, isn’t this where we came in???

Futile Gesture: The OP mentioned U2 and U2 only. Annie Lennox, whoever the hell she is, didn’t come in until you drug her in. If you have a hard-on for her, fine, but referring to her when she has no prior relevance to this thread to try and score points against me is simply inane.

And as a final point: Maybe if I had a job where I made millions for not actually working I would be as charitable as those bozos. People who live in the real world don’t get to give away millions of dollars.

I’m sorry, I thought the OP was about French TV, yet you took it as a cue to have a pop at Live 8 and U2.

She sang at Live 8, she devoted her time to the ‘wankfest’ you mentioned and spoke about why it was important. Therefore you made her relevant.

She’s never heard of you either.

As straw men goes that’s pretty pathetic. Who’s asking you to give money, never mind millions? All that was asked of you was a little time and thought, yet you’d rather make snide remarks about their efforts.

Bono actually does seem to keep busy. According to his Wikipedia page,

He can contribute the most with his PR, which is what he’s doing.