Heat or ice?

What works best after being kicked in the crotch?

How bad? If you have a ruptured testicle, it’s an emergency room visit.

If it’s just ow, ow, ow, damn my eyes, that hurts… I’d use a cold compress. Ice wrapped in a towel or washcloth. NOT bare ice against skin, but a cold/wet cloth.

As time goes by, I’d probably alternate warm and cold. At some point, I’d like a nice soak in a bathtub. But cold to begin with.

Be damn sure you haven’t sustained real injury!

(And…IANAD, so don’t sue me.)

Meanwhile… Sympathy! OW!

A rabbit punch is good. Oh…your crotch. Sorry.

Ice for the first 24-48 hours to keep swelling down. Then heat to promote healing.

I usually just curl into a ball and cry until I pass out. So, no idea.

In my case it seems to be the vocal cords. Everything else pretty much shuts down, but I can still scream like a girl.