"Heaven knows what" (Grant Lewi)

I bought this book a short while ago and after having done a few “Horoscopes” I now come to miss the tables one needs to cast a Horoscope, in my book the tables go until 1970, that covered a lot of folks already but now I would like to know about the kids.

The question is, are there tables available (for free), for the present and future dates?

And what did “Grant Lewi” mean by this sentence: (You belong to the positive or executive group)


It’s a vague ‘reading’ to which no one would ever say, “Hey! That’s not me!” Thus, it makes it sound like astrology ‘works.’

You enjoy time with your friends.

You may be meeting new people.

You’ve learned a lot from your mistakes.

You think of yourself as a person of moderation.

If you have not used his Book than you should not make comments about how “vague” the Horoscopes are,
everyone who has had his Horoscope read to him was surprised how accurately it fit’s their personality…

Horoscopes always “accurately” fit the reader’s personality. Read the horoscopes for each astrological sign in any horoscope. You’ll find at least ten of the twelve fit you.

The “accuracy” is cherry picking – when something “matches” you (no matter how vaguely worded or how generally it applies), you note it; when it doesn’t, you ignore it.

The best description of a horoscope was that by Flanders and Swann.

I like your user name.

For horoscopes to be accurate, then it must be true that all the children born in the same hospital on the same day are fated to have the same personality and similar experience all at the same time throughout their lives because all their horoscopes would be exactly the same every day of their lives.

Do you even need that assertion to be disproved? All it take is for twins to have different personalities (they have) and have different life experiences that the other does not share in (they have). Because, after all, their horoscopes would be exactly the same every single day of their lives.

Everyone to his own liking, I will not argue about this because I don’t have a “hard core” knowledge of the matter but I surely enjoy doing them “Horoscopes”…

Sounds like you need an Ephemeris - The Positive and Executive Group according to Lewi is basically that you will identify yourself with others on the positive and aggressive side. That you make definite contributions to your group or to society as a whole, having an uncanny knack for unifying divergent groups and factions into a cooperative whole. If you identify yourself against others (the negative expression of the characteristic urge to cooperation), you may think the hand of the world is against you and become a lone wolf, antisocial and quarrelsome.

I would just look at a Chinese zodiac chart and pick a pre-1970 year that corresponds to the year you need. It couldn’t be any less accurate than the tables you’re using now.