Hedgehog protection groups

McDonald’s changes McFlurry containers because of threat to hedgehogs.

Now, I’m as environmentally cautious as the next girl. I applaud McDonald’s making this change, especially since it’s apparently a widespread problem.

But honestly: “chief executive of the British Hedgehog Preservation Society.” Do I even need to point out what an absurd string of words that is? :smack:

I’m more astonished that instead of making a campaign to stop people from littering, it’s apparently easier to make a campaign to have McD change their food containers.

Does this mean that eventually, a campaign can convince McD and Burger King etc. to switch away from the stryrofoam containers, because they are bad for enviroment?

Over here, when you say “roadkill” we think “hedgehog”. I’m not sure if they ever were endangered, but they do suffer from being smooshed quite frequently. And falling down cattle grids and not being able to get out. Plus we’re a sentimental bunch of animal lovers.

But if you wish to increase your incredulity still further… I give you St. Tiggywinkles (sic).

I knew a hedgehog can never be buggered, but I didn’t realize it could be McFlurried.

Both McDonalds and Burger King have gotten rid of the styrofoam, at least in the US, due to pressure from environmental groups.

Also, I have a lifetime membership in the British Hedgehog Preservation Society. I joined mostly because it seemed like a fun, wierd thing to do. They have a wonderfully amatuerish newsletter, and around Christmas they send out a ‘hogalog’ of BHPS emblazoned gifts. I am surprised, though, that they had enough clout to force McD’s to make a change.

AFAIK, it’s quite the opposite, and like foxes they’ve thrived in urban environments.

It is now my mission of the day to join this group. I want a sweatshirt that says “British Hedgehog Preservation Society.”

Other than the name, I think that’s a lovely endeavor. My sister’s a vet, so I’ve lived my whole life with animals in various states of distress. And, unfortunately, a more-than-healthy knowledge of what bastards people can be when it comes to animals.

Bloody hell, that’s 200 quid’s worth of fun & weird!

Yes, you’re right, I’m wrong to scoff. I didn’t check the site before I posted it - they’ve dropped the “saint” and now care for all wild animals. My knowledge of the place (which is just down the road from me) comes entirely from the back of “hedgehog flavour crisps” (potato chips) packs in the 1980s, when for every packet bought, the crisp manufacturer donated money to saving injured and sick hedgehogs.

Conjures up an image of an hedgehog with its head stuck in a McFlurry container thinking “Well, I’m buggered now.”

It didn’t used to be 200 pounds. IIRC when I joined it was only 50 or so. I saw that myself just now looking for a link for a sweatshirt, which, alas, they seem to have discontinued. It also looks as if the selection has gone decidedly downhill lately. I suspect that the Society felt that it was not making enough money with the good stuff. I am so disappointed.

I’m glad this beat out the second most popular solution–adding a large dose of Hedgehog Repellant to each McFlurry.

The important thing is that The Hedgehog Deathtraps would be a great name for a band.

Sounds a lot like the problem skunks have with the Yoplait yogurt conatiners. They get their head stuck and then cant’ get them off. Yoplait added a lip to the bottom of the cup to make it easier but evidently it’s still a problem.

Yeah; the only clothing item they have is a necktie. Bugger!

For anyone interested, this is the BHPS take on the issue, from the August Newsletter, transcribed by me, so sorry for any errors.

From the Yoplait story:

I don’t know why things are striking me so funny today, but I couldn’t help but wonder what this person’s laundry bills must be like.

[tangent]I read an interesting article a couple of years back about a skunk biologist (don’t know if it’s the same guy) who had the inability to smell skunk. Evidently it was a genetic mutation. Made it easy for him to work with skunks but he said he had to ask coworkers what he smelled like before venturing out in public…

Around here, we have opossums to fill that ecological niche. We don’t care if they get their heads stuck in things, though, because they’re nowhere near as cute as hedgehogs.

Did you know that the opossum has 13 nipples? It’s true.

…carry on, carry on.