Heh. I just made a joke.

I have absolutely no idea where to put this, but here’s today’s one-liner:

"As Archimedes used to say, ‘Fulcrum if they can’t take a joke.’ "

Hey – I think I’m funny.


Ok, it was clever. A few weeks ago I had to go to urinalysis testing, so of course I said to the guy watching*: Man, is this a piss poor detail or what? I’m sure you feel as if you’re flushing your days away.

Normaly it’s in a big bathroom with stalls and such. But this time it was in a small single toilet bathroom. So when he closed the door, there was very little room. That was uncomfortable enough as is, but then he started talking to me.

“Fulcrum if they can’t take a joke”

Hmmm…not bad, not bad, but a pun like that is more effective if it also makes sense with respect to the intentionally incorrect word. For instance, with reference to someone who is unable to move a heavy weight simply by pulling on it:

“Fulcrum if they can’t take a yoke”

But I think you’re on the right track. Atach that punchline to a brief backstory involving Archimedes and I think you’ve got a money maker.

Go for it – I’ll give you coauthor credit. :wink: