An display of cunning stunts.

That’s what makes him so mean!

And then a brick fell on his head.

Dem Fokkers vas Messerschmidts!

No, Watson, it means someone has stolen our tent.

The Aristocrats!

You’re Thor? * I’m* tho thor I can hardly pith!

Keeps me from lickin’ 'em.

Rectum? It practically killed 'em!

“Hey, where’s my jelly doughnut??”

So I bit him.

  1. No, that’s just ice cream.

  2. You took too big a lick!

  3. 's gonna rain, hey?

  1. “Because tonight’s the night!”

  2. “No soap. Radio!”

  • Someone had to.

“Billy goat gruff! Ah-hahaha!”

Better Nate than lever.

“73! 73! 73!”

“I don’t know, but his face sure rings a bell.” & “I don’t know, but he’s a dead ringer for his brother.”

“Superman, you’re such a dick when you’re drunk.”

“Some guys just can’t tell a joke.”
Okay, okay, I’ll stop. :smiley:

“Silver! Posse!”

“I couldn’t quit. It was all in one string.”

“Recognition. That’s all I want.”

“Hit the ball; drag Harry.”

“After you.”

“No, after you.”

“No, after you.”

“No, after you.”

“Goddamn. This water’s cold.”

“Yeah, and it’s deep too.”

“But you fuck one sheep!”

“Yeah but, if you rub it, it becomes a briefcase!”

Split his fucking head open.