Heh, I'm world famous and didn't even know it.

At work, we have this age old SMS system. Some 20+ years ago, I got bored and decided to make a calendar on it. And every year since then, I would update it.

Until this year. I figured “What’s the point? We all have internet connections now, no need for this obsolete thing.” Well, today I get a call from a guy in IT asking me if I would update it.

IT: “Grrr, can you update your calendar?”

Me: “No, that’s okay, nobody in the area uses it anymore. You can just delete it.”

IT: “I understand, could you still update it please? I’ve been getting calls from Japan, Mexico, etc, that still use it.”

Me: “Whoa, really? Okay then”

So weird how it went “work viral” like that. I never told anyone about the calendar except for the folks I worked with. I have no idea how people in Japan and the like even know about it.

That, plus every dog on the planet knows your name.

Link please …

Here you go.

You give a dog a bone…oh NM.

Neat! What’s an SMS calendar?

Ha! Clever!

It’s a shared format that only allows texts. No graphs, no pictures… Just plain old text.

I laughed.

So you could have been the latest ‘Instagram’ type thing, if you had done some clever marketing?