Let's talk calendars.

So, I try to get a new calendar at work every year, just to keep myself amused.

2004, I had I Hate Cats. 2005, Concert Posters, 2006, Cockeyed.com, and this year Despair.com.

Obviously, I’m going to need a new monthly wall calendar soon. Any recommendations, keeping my cynical/sarcastic/absurd sense of humor in mind? Or just feel like showing off your own?

Would you recommend the Despair calendar? I was cruising the site the other day and saw it - I’m tempted to get it for myself.

I haven’t had a page a day calendar in awhile, and was thinking about getting one of those, too. I’m always partial to the classics of The Far Side.

The Despair calendar is great! Since you can customize it to your specs, and pre-print all your key dates, it satisfies on a number of levels.

What silenus said. To be clear, you can even choose which Demotivators to use.

I like the ThinkGeek version of the Despair calendar, it already has a bunch of great geeky dates noted. Of course that does not answer the OP, as he’d probably like a change of scenery.

You know what, that’s actually the one I have. I forgot I didn’t have the basic Despair one.

I’m all for tradition. I get the same ones every year.

I have 365 Stupidest Things Ever Said for my desk at work, and Boris Vallejo for home.

I think you should get a calendar for a different calendrical system. The Discordian calendar would be nice.

I despise any calendar in which the weeks run from Monday to Sunday. Calendars HAVE TO run Sunday to Saturday, everyone knows that.

Not if you work in broadcasting.

I’ve become quite fond of my Happy Bunny calendar this year. I may get another one.

Some things are just not right. :frowning:

No, it’s standard. Here on the East Coast, the day starts at 6am, the week starts on a Monday, and the month ends on the last Sunday of the month. So broadcast 2008 starts on 12/31/07, and July 2007 started on June 25.

So, the weekend is truly the end of the week.

This must be the result of the breaking down of social values that I keep hearing about.

It’s normal broadcast/cable industry practice. I haven’t seen anyone use it outside the industry, and I don’t know how it started.

As long as you don’t work in broadcasting, you don’t have to worry about bumping into it. :slight_smile:

Alas, Ivy Lass, they’re out there. For years, we would send this one brand of Thai-photo-theme calendars to people in the US. We did this for years. Beautiful photography, really gorgeous shots. Then just a couple of years ago, suddenly they switched to the Monday-Sunday format. !!! We stopped buying them. I’ve seen others, too, so now I always check a calendar before buying it.

For the past 3 years, I’ve gotten this vertical wall calendar of gorgeous tropical islands.
In other years, I’ve done Edward Gorey’s Gashlycrumb Tinies, a mini wall calendar of Greek Isles, and Classic Cats by David McEnery.

I’ve been sent I think 3 wildlife calendars from people wanting my money for wildlife causes. I don’t know why–I’ve only ever sent money to one of 'em. Plus, I picked up a tropical islands calendar and some cheap cat calendar the other day. I don’t know which I’ll use where–I keep one in the kitchen, one in the bedroom and one at work.

I like to wait and see what free calendars get sent to me at work, then keep the best one (although they’re all fairly generic). I’m a little worried that no one’s sent one yet, but I’m set till January 31st…

Every year I get a new Magic Eye calendar.

You might want to check and see if you can discern the images, though.

Can you see the bunny? (Make sure to maximize your screen size.)