Heh. So this is 40.

Now what?

And I was even still awake to ring out the last breath of my thirties. I think I was expecting something more fulfilling. Confetti maybe?

Happy b-day, faith!

I hit 40 a month ago, and have come to a conclusion: Nothing changed.

You know, technically you can say you’re in the last year of your thirties. Not that it makes much difference. :slight_smile:

Happy birthday.

Congrats! Forty is a nice age.

Happy birthday!

I’m 43 now. I think. I kinda stopped paying attention. It’s too bizarre a concept. What year is it again?


I guess…

… And you can keep on saying “yeah, I’m closer to 30 than I am to 20…” :smiley:

Works for me…

And geroffmylawn!!! (turning 45 later this year)

Not much.

20s: Awareness of flora called grass.
30s: Awareness than collection of grass constitutes a lawn.
40s: Awareness that lawns can be subject to ownership.
50s: Awareness that you do, in fact, own such a lawn.
60s: Awareness that anyone on your lawn is trespassing.
70s: Awareness that trespassers are little sonsabitches.
80s: Awareness that you really could care less and just want someone to come mow the damn thing.
90s: Awareness you just want someone to mow it, but for really, really cheap.
Your time to become indignant about your verdant fiefdom is aways away, faithfool. For now, just enjoy the wisdom that accompanies your vast experiences.

Oh… and Happy Birthday.

Thank y’all! Any words of wisdom on what to or not to do in celebration that won’t harm me in my now doddering old age? I’d like to think I’m going to party (I’d like to think that), but the brand new shiny cane I’ve ordered hasn’t come in yet and otherwise, I won’t have anything to shake! I need advice. Do I hoist my pants up under my boobs now or does that take place at 50? How about drool? Or shouting mumbling obscenities?

Okay, scratch that last one. I’ve been doing it forever anyway. :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome aboard. I’ve been in the 40s club for 6 months now. Nothing changed, except my friends mocked me more than normal.

Happy Birthday!


…29, did you say?

If you don’t yet have reading glasses, you will soon.

Mocking? Check! Glasses? Check! Hangin’ with good company here? Double check! I must be doing alright after all. Whadaya say, Geritol cocktails at my place around 6:00ish? Then we can watch The Golden Girls and turn the heat WAY up. After a nap, I’m sure we can all find something exciting to do.
So, howzabout a couple of rousing games of Bridge?

SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! My First One True Doper Love ™ has returned to the nest! Now I honestly have something to be happy about!!
< does creaky over-the-hill Snoopy dance >

Wishing you a good day, a good year and a great life! :slight_smile:

Or not, Mom’s long-distance glasses didn’t start bothering her until her 60s. I was counting on that when I went Lasik.

I hope the “underoos at the boobs” thing isn’t required yet. Looks damn uncomfortable. My Gramps doesn’t wear his belt under his armpits yet and he’s 93. Well, it’s under his armpits, what it’s not is directly under them. Grandma (94) goes commando half the time.

Should I geroff your lawn now, Oh Thou Who Art Two Days Older Than Me?

Nah Nava, you can stay. I always aim for benevolence (at least in my dried up old heart) for the young whippersnappers of the next generation. < sniff > So since that’s the case, I’ll share a bit of turf with ya.
And Commando Grannies? That would be like the coolest band name ever. Not to mention, I bet your Grandma really is the bomb.

You’re so sweet. Thanks.

Awww. I got flowers! My favorite even… daisies!! They smell so nice and it’s such a wonderful surprise because I haven’t been given any in years.

Maybe my old foggy-ness doesn’t kick in until tomorrow after all. :slight_smile:

40? Puppy!

Happy Birthday !

I’ll be joining the 40 club on the 27th.

Well we’ve certainly got a good crew of those past our prime. :wink: We should all get together and do something extreme… power knitting or shuffle board bungee jumping?

Happy Big Day on the 27th labtrash!!

Congratulations: You are now 18, with 22 years of experience.