Helicopter crash in Hudson

Apparently, the passengers were returning to Ocean City, NJ…Just on the other side of the bay of my hometown of Somers Point.

That’s tragic.

FYI - the Piper PA32 is often referred to as a “Cherokee Six”, a six-seat single-engine general aviation aircraft (a few PA32’s actually had seven seats - the model has gone through a few different versions over time). Basically, slightly larger than what I used to fly. So… basically two airborne mini-vans colliding over the Hudson.

As a trivia fact - Mayor Bloomberg is a pilot certified to fly both airplanes and helicopters himself, although since he has become mayor he’s been doing a lot less of his own flying due to time constraints.

Man, the Hudson River is becoming the new Bermuda Triangle! It swallows up airliners, helos and small planes.

I fly the Hudson River corridor frequently, and wince every time I hear a story like this. Always careful when I fly that route.

Well, that IS where the airplanes are, as opposed to say, cruising down Wall Street.

There’s a picture of the collision here :frowning:

Obviously, it’s pretty grim.

NBC obtained a video of the accident. It’s quite graphic - you can see the airplane in a climbing right turn, and the low wing in the bank hitting the rotordisk and being sliced off. The quality is on the low side, but what’s happening is clear. The airplane overtook the helicopter from behind and below, though by the time of the impact most (but not all) of the airplane is actually above the helicopter.

I’m sure you can find it on an NBC website. Due to the fact it’s a video of an accident where nine people died which may be upsetting to some people I am not providing a direct link.