Hell with a silver lining

Three weeks ago, I moved back to my hometown of St. Petersburg, FL. It was a good vacation for about 2 weeks, no school, no job, no worries. Oh yeah, no friends. At first I didn’t search too extensively for a job, I was enjoying my freedom from responsibility. But as my passive searching for a job went on, I started to get a little worried that maybe it wasn’t going to pan out. But today, I finally got the call. I got a job at a CVS pharmacy as a technician! Even better, it’s only a couple miles from my house, and a straight shot from my school. I’ve been in pharmacy for almost a year now, and I’ve found that it’s more active than most entry level positions. More responsibility, respect, and it pays well too. They are willing to start me at what I was making at my last job, and willing to work with my schedule when school starts.
I’m getting the sense that this may all finally work out for me, moving cross country (from Pueblo, CO), starting over, making new friends, finding a job.
Getting a job was the final piece of the puzzle that makes it worth it. Parts of this have been hell, but more than that it’s been hell with a silver lining. Luckily I am thankful that I have had a strong and supportive family and an extensive network of family friends to help me in any way imaginable.
So this is my welcome back party for myself, that maybe things are starting to look up again.


Welcome back! ladyfoxfyre eh? How you doin’?

Ladyfoxfyre, my old darling. Guess where I’m living now. :slight_smile:

Actually, I live in NW Tampa but work in Largo near Pinellas Park. We’ve been tossing about the idea of a Dopefest in these parts. Where are you going to school?

If I need some pharmaceuticals I’ll drop by.
Very happy to have you back around. Even more to have you in our neck of the woods.

You did it!

Buona fortuna!

Shibby! Tampa eh? No kidding! Fate seems to be bringing us even closer together than last time I was in Ohio! I’d love to do a Dopefest in Tampa, it sounds fantastic. How many dopers do we have in the Bay area?
I don’t remember if you were a fan or not, but now you must be a Bucs fan to survive. Luckily, I was born a fan, and even remained die-hard through my years in Bronco Territory (shudder). And then John Lynch traited to them.

I’m going to be going to school at SPC, and I work near the PP area, 54th ave and 66th St. I wish I could be going to state University, but my Prepaid College pays for 2+2, and while I had my first year in Colorado I’m sticking it out for another year at community college because it’s more or less free.
Glad to hear from you again. We’re a lot closer now so we should go have a cup of coffee sometime.

Nice to meet you, Amp. I’m doing just fine :wink:


I had lunch today at a little Vietnamese place on Park near 66th St. It’s a very small world.

Don’t hold too much hope for anything wonderful from the Bucs this year. Probably not going to happen.

So, third year of college now? Time does fly.

Second, actually. And I cheer even when my expectations are low. BTW, when I go to the DMV in September to get my Florida plates, do you know how much more it is to get the Bucs flag one vs. the godawful green thing? If it’s around $20 I wouldn’t mind shelling out for it. My CO plates don’t expire until then, so I’m just keeping them.


Scratch that, I found the Florida DMV website that shows all available specialty plates and their annual fees.


Ok. But the good part is that it’s just “plate” here (singular). What was the Bucs plate, $50 extra?

Also, have you been to Mike Alstott’s restaurant yet? They’re opening another Selmon’s on our side of town, too, this Wednesday supposedly. And it’s pouring rain like a mofo, some nice lightning too, out there right now. Be safe.

Actually, the Bucs one was $25. But I am actually kind of fond of the Animal Friend one, the Florida Oceans , and the Florida Whales . However, the dolphins might look good on my shiny red truck ;).
Turtles , and the classic Tampa Bay Buccaneers . There’s so many to choose from, now I’m having trouble deciding. They all have various annual fees associated with each one.