Hellboy: I'm pumped!

Following the recommendations of several of the comic book experts here on the SDMB, I’ve recently started reading Hellboy comics. Wow. I’m impressed; what a command of atmosphere!

And yesterday I saw the Hellboy movie trailer here. Holy cow. I am really excited about this; Perlman looks as though he’ll be a great Hellboy, and the visuals look pretty good.

But of course, it’s all in the screenwriting. Bad script, bad movie; and we won’t know until it comes out. May. Can I wait that long?

Anymovie can loog good in the trailers and suck in actual reality. It all depends on the editing. Its easy to make a good trailer cut. But I give every movie the benefit of the doubt.

LXG could have been good, but I think the director blew it, the flick was too ambitious (too many faces, not enough screen time), and the editing atriocious. I say the editing was atrocious because a good editor can make a damned good movie out of crap. And a bad one can ruin the very best.

Maybe its just me, but I’ve seen a noticable decline in quality lately. It seems the more power directors get the longer and worse movies get. Jackson’s LotR, most of the long movies lately have just not delivered their full promise, being filled with some useless scenes and cuts.

It would have looked better with the original Hellboy actor: Vin Diesel, who stupidly turned it down.

I wonder who’s playing Abe Sapien?

Is this movie following an established Hellboy plot or going off in a different direction? I’d love to see baby hellboy.

The Hellbot comics rule. Its also one of the films coming out this year i’m most looking forward to. As well as The Punisher.

That is all.

That would be Hellboy rather than Hellbot, stupid not previewing.

Ron Perlmans perfect casting for this. Vin Diesel would have made it suck, like he sucks the life out of every other suckfest he’s sucked in. apart from Pitch Black, which was alright.

I’ve only glanced threw some of the comics, but I like the character, I love Ron Perlman, and from what I’ve gathered, this movie looks like it’s going to be one hell of a ride! Sure, trailers can make shit movies look good, but I still get a good vibe about it. The visual and make-up effects alone are enough to make me want to see it, and with Perlman, you can expect a fun run with the character (I mean, if he can make his characters from such shitty movies like Alien Ressurrection and Blade 2 interesting and fun, how can he go wrong with Hellboy?).

Doug Jones (?) is playing Abe Sapien, in what looks like a full-body prosthesis. Selma Blair is playing Liz Sherman.

The plot, from the trailer, looks like it might be derived from the storyline where they travel to the Himalayas to stop an ancient evil in a Nazi space capsule. Or am I reading too much into it? Probably.

Lots of CGI, which bodes against it being any good; but what the heck, there’s always a first time.

I also am seeing a Liz/Hellboy sexual tension thing in the trailer. I’m on the fence about that.

David Hyde Pierce (Niles Crane) is doing the voice for Abe Sapien.

I’m really looking forward to the movie but Chud.com (a great site) is verbally fellating everyone involved in the thing to the point of making me ill.

This is a good year to be a comic book movie fan. Hellboy, Spider-Man 2, The Punisher, Man-Thing (if it’s done right)

Dolph Lundgren will always be The Punisher to me.

I agree. The movie was pretty damn bad, but for an 80’s film I was watching around age 10, it was pretty damn cool. And it had what every good Punisher story should have: thugs, winos, gangsters, and ninjas! What’s not to love. And I have to say one more positive thing they did…losing the skull logo on the chest. I admit, it looks pretty damn cool in the comics, but for some reason, looking at the live action rendition of it, it just looks incredibly silly. And I don’t really like their choice for Frank. Dolph looked mean and edgy and square jawed and big, like the Punisher should. I liked this guy’s performance in Deep Blue Sea (one of the greatest crappy movies ever made about sharks), but he just doesn’t look like Frank Castle material to me.

Naah, got to disagree. I think I was about 14 when The Punisher (dolph one) came out, and me and me dad were both big fans of the comic, and we knew it would roundly suck before we even rented it. At least Thomas Jane can do some level of emotional depth which Frank Castle needs, rather than him being a lumbering murder machine with Dolphs err, limited acting skills.

Has it got Microman in it?

As for Hellboy, Selma Blair I wouldnt have cast as Liz. too goody goody looking. and wasnt she blonde in the comics? and at least theyve let Mignola have a big say in the proceedings, which is more than you can say for Alan Moore.

Gotta disagree with you, Elvis. I was disappointed with the absence of the skull (though they did put it on his knife hilt, which was a nice touch.) While I agree, a skull that looks like a graphic artist made it would look dumb on a vigilante, a handpainted target on Frank’s chest looks pretty cool in the new movie.

And while I’m not one to disparage Dolph just because he’s Dolph (I’ve liked him in other things), I just didn’t ever feel sorry for him in his version. He is a good action star, but couldn’t emote enough for me to care whether he got back at his enemies or not. Thomas Jane on the other hand is a darn fine actor and I think he’ll do a better job of getting the tragedy across.

And while I never would have thought of Thomas Jane on my own as Frank Castle, seeing him buffed up as he has for this role, he looks just like I’d picture Frank Castle. Not a musclebound powerhouse, but an extremely fit and toned marine (I know he’s a cop in this version) who looks like he can be either stealthy or powerful whenever the situation calls for it.

But we’ll see in April.

And back on OP, Hellboy Meets Punisher! There’s a movie I’d pay good money to see!

I know there’s going to be a Baby Hellboy action figure in the line of merchandising from the film, so there’s a good chance we’ll see the li’l scamp on the big screen! The prototype sculpt for the figure was ‘tackle-out’, I hope we’re not going to be shown dingly-danglies in the movie! YIPES!

That aside, I just hope Li’l Hellboy’s the cutie he is in the comics. I wanna see the crow/man thing that follows Li’l Hellboy around in hell, the one that ‘…always gets me in trouble!’ Bwahahahahahahahha!

My only concern is some of the characters have been… um… ‘fleshed out’, or should that be ‘more fully realised’:

[spoiler] Abe Sapien now has psychic powers. What the hell is that all about? (no pun intended)

cite is from the official movie site, but I don’t have the link-u handy. [/spoiler]

Ugh. Why did I read that spoiler. Why don’t they just leave well enough alone.

I love baby Hellboy, god with that big hand. He’s so cute. I love adult hellboy. I know he’s…a hellboy, but I want to hug him.
And more importantly…WILL THERE BE PANCAKES?

I’ve never really read the comic, but I’m guessing they didn’t have a hell of a whole lot for him to do in the movie, so they changed it around to make him a sort of “backup” type character.

bleh. THe whole point of abe sapien is that he’s kind of the physical antithesis of Hellboy. He’s lithe, lanky, analytical, polite, damp. And then there’s hellboy, hamhanded, loudmouth, heavy. Then there’s Liz. She’s a girl.


All we need is an air character.

Welp, in the original story,

Abe got possessed by Rasputin’s enemy (don’t recall the name), who launched the harpoon to pierce’s Rasputin’s heart.

Plus, if they do the flashback sequence where Hellboy first gets summoned, he’s like 10 years old, thus being called HellBOY instead of HellMAN. So if they show that, it should satisfy jarbaby’s infant lust.

I forgot to add inside the spoiler box:

Maybe that’s why the movie site says he’s psychic.