Hello Again From Darkest South Africa ...

Directed here by Colibri.

(In the RSA Colibri are a large towel manufacturing company.) Not trying to be a smartass … just an aside.

Seems I introduced myself in the incorrect Forum for which I humbly apologise.

Not much point in repeating what I said in the wrong forum.

Actually, you should, to save people the trouble of finding the original thread.

Am I pronouncing your name correctly?

Got any local’s tips for someone interested in a Birding Tour?

I am impressed with your interest in your own introduction thread. Nevermind with the clarification about your name, I figure I have it right.

I doubt many people are interested in my original thread.

Unfortunately the birds I have in mind don’t fly … well unless they high that is.

What’s with this thing you have about my name Bo?