Hello Americans

In a bit of nostalgia I broke out my old tapes. One of my favorites, Boo Williams, has this great house track overlaid with a speech. I’ve always wondered who gave it. It sounds significant yet I’ve not been able to find anything about it.
I’m quoting as best I can from the tape.

Hello Americans.
We are gathered here in the largest demonstration in the history of this nation. Let the nation and the world know the meaning of our message. We are not a pressure group, we are not organization or a group of organizations. We are not a mob. We are the advanced, god empowered, moral revolution. For jobs and freedom. This revolution reverberates throughout the land. Touching every city, every town, every village, where like men are segregated, oppressed and exploited. But this civil rights movement is not confined to the negro, nor is it confined to civil rights, for our white allies know that they cannot be free, while we are not.

Sound familiar?

This looks right.

Address given by A. Phillip Randolph at the 1963 march on Washington.

It’s the Address at the 1963 March on Washington by A. Philip Randolph. You probably misheard some words, that’s why you couldn’t find anything. For example, it starts with “Fellow Americans”.

Thanks guys!
Hit it right on the nail.