Hello Asbestos Mango , Hello Hello

Also 'retty 'ird. The conure in my username is a mitred. I have had him for ten years. “hello, 'retty 'ird” is most of his vocabulary. He types at a good clip, but has little use for spelling, or even language. His name is George, he picked it himself. George is a wild-caught bird, he went through a couple owners before I got him at a garage sale. Right now he is wearing a tube collar, on account of healing from surgery. Two years ago, he came down witha case of hemangiosarcoma, and was given 6 months to live. He had 3 surgeries revolving around tumor removal, hemmorghing, and skin randomly popping open. This resulted in a psychotic hatred of the to the point that he will attack the poor man on sight. The most recent surgery was for a possible recurrance, but he appears to be recovering well,
I am irrationally fond of him.
George has a robust aproach to life, even for a conure. He seems to be feeling quite well now. He jumped into his water dish and gave himself a bath, but the collar prevents him from preening, so he has dried out looking like Johnny Rotten. How is your Senegal?

Awww, poor birdie. I’m glad he’s getting better, though.

Shamus is great. Properly spoiled, has his human very well trained. He hasn’t learned to talk yet (O’brien the budgie can say “little teeny tiny bird”, but Shamus hasn’t picked up on it yet. Maureen the cockatiel has nothing to say.) The breeder I got him from says he might not talk until he’s four, and he’s only two and a half now, so I figure, give him some time. He’s very fond of pink grapefruit, figs Coca-Cola (which I severely limit his intake of) and, generally, whatever I’m having.

Mo and O’brien are my mom’s birds, but since we all live together, the birds interact quite a bit. Sometimes O’brien gets on Shamus’s nerves and he gets a bit rough with her, but he hasn’t seriously tried to hurt her. All the same, we watch them closely when they’re together, 'cause 1/2 oz budgie vs. 4 oz Sennie would not come out well for the little teeny tiny bird.

So, hello hello back to you, too. Take care of little George.

We have Mac, cockatiel.

My wife has had him for about 7 years.

He says

“Here kitty kitty kitty”
“I love you Mac”
“Jasmine, come here” (Jasmine is our beagle)

He also has several whistles that my wife taught him

and a particular scream when the cat is getting too curious.

I’ve always wanted a bird (either a psittacine or a corvine), but seriously, the thought of me sitting here at the computer, the only person awake in a darkened house at 3AM, and having the possibility of something suddenly TALKING at me…the thought alone almost makes me have an adrenaline reaction.

It’s a shame, though. I could seriously do with a raven trained to say “Nevermore”…

Not likely to have talking at the unholy hours, jayjay.

Birds need 10 hours of shuteye per night, and a good human pet will cover its bird’s cage to keep out extraneous household light and make the bird feel secure.

I’d love to have a corvine. A raven that says “nevermore” would be cool, but personally, I’d like to have a crow, just so I could name it Aleistair.

er, I meant to say 10-12 hours of shuteye per night.

I put Shamus to bed somewhere around 7:30 at night, and open the blinds and uncover his cage at about 7:30 in the morning, although he usually doesn’t object if I’m sleeping in and don’t get around to uncovering him until 8:30. Plus he naps for an hour or two in the late morning/early afternoon.