Psitt right down and tell me about your bird(s)

I know there are several parrot-people here, and probably some non-parrot bird-people, as well. So tell me about your little chickens. :smiley:

Sunshineis my lovie. She flew down to me out of a tree when I was out walking my dog in April. No go finding her owner. Based on some behavior things, I’ve assumed she’s female, and young.

She eats some seed, a lot of pellets, and a soft veggie/grains meal in the evenings.

She’s sweet as pie, or mean as a snake, depending. She’s got a mortal hatred of hands, so instead of “Step up” onto a finger, we do “Come here” to my wrist/forearm.

She’s fully flighted (so I’m paranoid about doors and ceiling fans) and has recently learned to fly all the way from the living room to the master bathroom, but can’t figure out how to fly back.:smack::smiley: She also peeps/squeaks/squawks all the time she’s in the air, like her vocal cords power her wings.

She’ll shred any piece of paper left in her reach into 2" by .5" strips, and stick them in her rump feathers.

She can do the wolf-whistle and the taxi-cab whistle, and sometimes makes kissy noises. She acts like she wants to learn more, so who knows, maybe she will.

She has me wrapped around her little pink toes.

She’s a cutie.
I don’t have any right now, I just wanted to say how much I appreciate a bird thiread, even if it sinks. :frowning:

Right now we are fostering Richard Birdzilla. Just until he tells us his real name, or we find his owners. Thus far, he is the world’s only silent parrot. His hobbies include eating fruit, pellets, towels, buffet tables and hands that pick him up wrong. We will recognize the owner, because his real owner will know the secret gesture that allows you to pick him up with no bloodshed. We are calling him Richard because my husband keeps saying “Don’t be a Dick!” at the bird (who was, in fact being a dick), He is Birdzilla because he is a full head larger then our CAG Zahzoo.
Thus far we thought we found his owner 3 times, but each time the human took one look and said “That’s not MY bird”
Like every other CAG, he is grey. Thankfully, he is much slower then Steve bird, and has not mastered the art of the beak-slash.

Where are you? I know someone on LJ who’s missing a CAG.

I am in Michigan- does your LJ person have a band # or chip # ?

The problem is they ALL look alike, except sort of, not. But they are hard to describe. (Zahzoo is distinctive because of the stupid look on his face. How would a stranger know if a bird had a stupid look?) We really are not going to give this bird away unless we KNOW we found the original owner and that said owner will care for him. We have help looking for the owner.

Currently we have in residence Sydney the White-Headed Cockatiel, who looks like a monochrome charcoal drawing come to life. Well, OK, he has brown eyes but they’re so dark they often look black. Sydney is chronically nervous for no reason we can fathom, high strung, and has feather-picking tendencies. He wants everyone to stay in the bedroom forever and never go anywhere, and he’s afraid of car rides. He’s the only bird we’ve ever had that didn’t like riding in a car. He acts like most of the world is too bright, too loud, and too noisy. He does, however, like watching TV. Sydney is full flighted, in part to allow him to escape when the other birds pick on him although in the past six months or so he’s started to develop some backbone. He can say “pretty bird” and “love you”.

We have Sunny (Sunshine) a standard-issue “wild” colored cockatiel who is more typical of the breed. We have to him wing clipped, both because otherwise he’d bully Sydney but also because when he’s full flighted he starts getting defiant and wild and we don’t want to spend two hours chasing a bird around the house. He can whistle a few bars of “Colonel Bogey’s March” (Bridge Over River Kwai) and the Andy Griffith them song, but he apparently has a very small memory buffer. He will also mix the two, improvise variations, then repeat them for hours, but isn’t really a talker.

Last year we got Griffin. Griffin is a green-cheeked conure with a 10 foot personality packed into her teeny body. She is madly in love with my husband, and quite attached to me, too. We let her flight feathers grow out so she could learn to fly and get some exercise, and now that she has the hang of it she’ll fly laps around a room or from one end of the apartment to the other. We will, however, probably have to clip her soon which my husband doesn’t want to do because her primaries are this amazing electric blue. She’s a clown. She will also lay on her back on command, we’re trying to teach her to poop in the trash can rather than at random locations, and is quite verbal. She says “George”, “George bird” (that’s her), “pretty bird”, “don’t”, “stop it”, “come here” and “step up”. She also has a particular chirp whistle that is MY name in Conure. She also imitates the cockatiels.

When she wakes up in the morning you hear George… George… George!.. George!..George!

All three of them can imitate human laughter. Sometimes the whole flock goes at it. The weird thing is, they practice it - you’ll have a bird on a perch going “ha ha ha!” over and over.

Little Murphy here is hell on little talony feeties. Loves almonds, grapes (green-- no red grapes thankyouverymuch for some reason) and scrambled egg (no sicker than us eating monkey brains, I suppose). Loves his baths, chewing cardboard boxes to pieces (and anything else he can get his beak on) and picking fights with the vacuum cleaner-- he will destroy it someday and the house will he his! Mostly mutters but knows quite a few phrases and sometimes busts them out in good context which is always a hoot. “Bye bye, see you later.” “No, stop it, you’re being NAUGHTY!” etc. He also meows really well. And the ever-popular saccharine sweet “I LOVE yeww!” when he wants his head scratched. And the smoke detector thing (sigh).

TroubleAgain-- we parrot-sat for a lovebird for a bit and I’d never heard about the shredding paper for gorgeous artificial tail feathers thing-- laughed my ass off at it. What a great behavior.

It is, funny, isn’t it? :smiley:

Murphy’s adorable.

conurepete, I will find out. I think he’s in Texas, for some reason, but I’m not sure, so, probaby not his bird.

You need to get some video of him talking!


these birds sound like so much fun!

yes bird videos, where on you tube?!

Oh, yes, I love videos of birds. Playing, talking, bathing, eating, doesn’t matter.

Here are my videos.

Peeper is a hybrid green-cheeked / maroon bellied conure. He doesn’t talk, but he’s taught me to whistle and hoot appropriately. He’s clipped.

He is terrified of ceiling fans, mylar balloons, and my wife’s exercise ball. He will chase soda cans and bottles around the floor. He will fight with bright plastic objects, which unfortunately includes the vacuum cleaner. I have to cage him when I’m vacuuming, otherwise he’ll fly down and attack, and he’s just the right size to fit in the hose. He chewed up most of the buttons on one of my remotes that I happened to leave nearby.

The dog and the bird essentially ignore each other.

He is completely devoted to me and would sit on my shoulder at all times if I let him. He’ll start screeching to be let out of his cage when he hears that I’m home. If I’m in another room too long, he’ll often fly down and come walking in to find me. He likes being with my mother, and he’s cordial to my wife, but he’s just not as close to either of them, and if I’m around, he only has eyes for me. If I’ve been away for a couple of days, he chastises me on my return, muttering, fluffing up, and biting my ear just a little too hard.

He bathes in the sink. I’ll stop the drain and let a little water trickle in. He runs back and forth, splashing, and lets me swaddle him in a towel and dry him off.

He sleeps nestled up to a hanging washcloth, which I have to keep an eye on day-to-day in case he starts eating it. If I come in while the room is dark and he’s asleep, he’ll let me curl my hand around him and cuddle him.

Sami is the legendary Evil Green Chicken. I got her from a friend of mine who had originally got her for a relative. She turned out to be “too mean and loud” for them, so she got Sami back, and gave her to another person. This idiot thought it was funny to terrorize her and blow pot smoke in her face till she fell off her perch. Chris heard about this and took her back, then asked me if I wanted to have her.

Of course, I said yes!

Up until this point, everyone thought Sami was a boy, until she laid a couple of eggs right after I got her home. :eek:

She adores me, does not like daHubby, and absolutely loves Avi-Cakes. She is on a half pellet, half seed mix right now as I’m trying to get her on an all pellet diet. She also likes scrambled eggs, pasta [plain], almost every kind of veggie you put in front of her, apples, dried blueberries, dried strawberries and papaya.

Her cage is full of bell toys and mirrors because the louder and shinier something is, the more fun it is to play with! I’ve also started getting her foraging boxes which she likes to rip into until the whole box is teeny shreds.

She can be loud too, and has a huge repetoire of whistles, cheeps, peeps and odd noises at her disposal. She doesn’t talk much, but says “I love you!” pretty clearly.

She may be “evil” but I loves her anyway :smiley:

I remember Sami’s story! I’m so glad she’s with you now. (I friended you, BTW. You can friend me back or not as you choose.)

Tom, Sunshine bathes in the kitchen sink. She “told” me how she wanted it by walking down a pan I had in the sink at an angle and taking a bath after refusing every other way I’d offered her. (See the video at the link above.)

Are YOU on Livejournal? Because I think I remember a GCC named Griffin, too…

I friended you back :smiley: Always nice to meet other parrot-parrents!

These stories are killing me with cuteness! I love them all. I love all of your birds.

Birds don’t get the lovin’ around here that they should! :smiley: I have a dog and three cats as well, and I talk about them a lot more, because of all the other vocal cat/dog owners.

I have a whiteface tiel, Nikita. He’s a strapping male of almost 3 years old.
I got him as a spur-of-moment purchase when I stopped by Animal House on a whim with a friend. He and his siblings were only weeks old and they were sitting by the front desk, as cute as could be. I know pet stores are not the best place to buy birds, but I’ve wanted a whiteface for years and I’d recently moved to FL and was lonely!
I chose him because he looked like a pearl mutation - which means lots of pretty spots. Like this.
He was 4 weeks old…I brought him home and continued handfeeding him for the longest time - he DID NOT want to be weaned! I took videos of every little thing he did - his first preening, first perching, first wingflapping, first whistles…everything. He went through is first full molt and the spots started disappearing. Now at 3 years, he has very few spots, but is still as handsome as ever! He talks, whistles and imitates every ringtone and beep that’s ever come out of my phone.
He’s also very spoiled. He has an attitude problem, I’ll admit. He’s picky about where he wants his head scratched and who he’ll fly to. He gets into moods where there’s nothing I can do but close him up in his cage and ignore him. He’s even bitten me, which is a serious no-no and something that I’ve never forgiven myself for.
But he is also the funniest bird I’ve ever had the pleasure to watch. I can see his mind working through little bird puzzles and watch the expressions on his face and it cracks me up. If I give him a treat, no matter what it is, he spends a good 5 minutes serenading me with his goofy little song and dance. He will eat cheerios off an index card every morning and then attack the index card and toss it to the floor like it’s an invading army. He can’t stand baths, but put him in the bathroom on a towel hanging over the door and he starts flapping away like he’s in the Amazon jungles.
He will recognize me walking from my car to the house from the second floor and start screaming, and it never fails to make me smile.

Sadly, no pics cause I’m at work. But definitely later!