Hello chaps. I'd like to bitch about work. But I aint in a bitchin mood.

I’m lisnin’ to an eighties tune called ‘Talk Talk’. I just aborted a pit thread wherein I was going to bitch about work. How I am feeling overwhelmend and under-noticed lately. I can’t blame anyone. They have stuff on their plate too. Like sorting out years of bad management and neglet. I have some of that to sort too. I also have a brown-nosing cow-orker who does fuck-all of any real substance. He’s the expert at seeming busy.

But I am just not in a bad enough mood. Life is bigger than that. The future’s bright, the future’s oran… er. good.

And I have two thirds of a new Discworld book, and 99.8% of a Nick Hornby Book to read.

And I foun out by half-chance who’s blasted dog barks all day… It’s a colleague who moved in up the road who I have a friendly raport with and who’s dog is left out because it tends to wreck the inside of the house.

I don’t know yet if this new knowledge is a good thing or a bad thing. I now only have to make a simple phonecall to ask that the dog be kept indoors. On the other hand I may lose the friendship and reap the wrath of a lesbian who’s been known to get into some pretty violent arguments with other poeple over nothing.

Violent Lesbian Wrath? Man, are you sure you’re up to that?

Is “ambiguous discontent” the phrase you’re looking for? “Quiet desperation” is so 1970.