Hello from a NEWBIE!

hello all i’ve been hearing alot about this place for quite awhile because my mother is a doper <cough>norinew<cough> and i checked it out and thought it was awesome! so hello!

Hello gothiebaby welcome to the SDMB!

Hey! Welcome to your new addiction!

is it really an addiction cos i thought my mother was just like totally devoted

Not so much an addiction I suppose as it is a cult.

Can I interest you in a glass of purple kool-aid? :smiley:

Pssh. n00b.

Oh, wait; pot/kettle? :smiley:

And as a word of warning, don’t take the purple kool-aid… it’s laced with crack and XTC.

If this were true, I wouldn’t share :wink:

Aww, c’mon. Sharing is caring! Hmph, jerk. :frowning:

Welcome to the board!!! Your mom is a sweetie, and I am glad she shared us with you.

No, no. Ignore all that silliness about addiction. It’s all hype. You’ll be able to stop any time you want. We all can. :snicker:

Welcome! :slight_smile:

Is there a problem with XTC??? That happen to be my other addiction…

OH! Sorry, was too busy defending my XTC that i forgot my manners - WELCOME!!!:smiley:

[ul]:slight_smile: [sup]I’m quitting next week[/sup][/ul]

Welcome, gothiebaby! :wink:

Awww, a gothiebaby. I get to pin on the leather diapers!
[sub]Quick, someone get some eyeliner…[/sub]

Welcome to the boards. And stay away from pezpunk’s kool-aid. Last time I had it, I woke up in a clown outfit, in a tree in the middle of Central Park.

[sub]And it’s damn tough hitching a ride in a clown outfit once you get south of DC, lemme tellya.[/sub]


OOOooohh! A newbie! Ain’t she cute!

Welcome to the SDMB, gothiebaby. :slight_smile:

You should either run away right now, or be prepared to have the Board become a regular feature of your daily life. I hope you stick around. Welcome!

Welcome, gothiebaby!

I know what you mean about your mom being totally devoted. I never understood why d_redguy was on here all the time. Then I tried it… Addicted. Instantly. :smack: :smiley:

When my daughter said someone on the board said I was a sweetie, I said, “let me see that!” Then I saw it’s you, and I told her “Oh, don’t worry. That’s Scotticher. She would find nice things to say about Hitler!”:wink: Thanks anyway, though!

Hey there, gothiebaby! Welcome!

As usual, I’m here to offer Welcome Cookies. These ones are almond-coconut, and fresh outta the oven. Help yourself!