SDMB, how i loathe thee...

I wish I been warned!

‘Upon entering the Straight Dope world, your life will never be the same’…

You won’t go a day without checking the latest banter from all those odd people…

Everyone else you encounter from then on will seem so… normal and plain!

No matter how many threads you scour or useless facts you learn, your addiction to the boards will never be cured.

…Any advice for recovery or is it too late already?

Nope, you actually summed it up pretty well. Everything IRL sems so vanilla comapred to the collective experience of the SDMB.

:smack: Such a silly slide for silver selection without seeing sudden simpers… ;j

Hi, Quiddity! Welcome to the SDMB. (And, yes, you’re doomed.)

Another one lured in? Man, we’re having a good day today!

Welcome to the SDMB, Quiddity. Relax. We’re told the assimilation process doesn’t hurt a bit. After a while, they even say the right eye stops twitching. :slight_smile:

What’s really bad, Quiddity, is that the obsession goes to a whole new level once you start posting – because now you have to give special attention to all the threads you’re posting in.

Yup, it’s all downhill from here.


Don’t worry about it too much Quid, because with time you’ll have posted to 15 or 20 threads, checked the responses and started a couple of your own before you ever realize that your project was due 3 hours ago.

Then you’ll rationalize that the project deadline was uselessly short and hit a few more threads before starting it.

When you reach this point, you’ll be a true Doper. Until then, you’r pretty safe.

Get out while you still can! While you’re still physically able.

For many of us, it’s too late. Leaving the 'dope would be determental to our lives. The withdrawal would kill us.

Quiddity, how could we warn you if we had no idea of your existence? Hmmm?

Well, you’ve gone and actually posted. Now you’re done.

You are screwed. Even if you just lurk in the shadows like me, you still end up checking the place out regularly. The place remains original and entertaining after going on four years. Worse than drug addiction.

There realy should be a Surgeon’s General warning on the top of the web page. Would have saved me. OK, probably not, but at least I would have been warned. Then I could have damned the consequences like I do with everything else.

It’s just as I feared!
Since I’m in too deep to turn back now, I may as well go for #2

Thanks for the support everyone. I was beginning to worry after I noticed hours mysteriously vanishing from my day. But I guess this is a known side-effect?

Here I go, sitting back and finally giving in. There isn’t a group of people I would rather share my fate with.


You better watch yourself, Quiddity. Some of us have been known to succumb to the point of marrying other Dopers and moving to a different country.

You sign up for a board with the word “Dope” in the title, and you’re surprised when you become addicted? :wink:

Yep, you’re stuck, Quiddity. There really should be a Surgeon General’s warning on the SDMB, but maybe the long-term effects have yet to be determined…

In any case, enjoy your new addiction, and please have some Imaginary Welcome Cookies. I’ve been handing them out all day, but there are lots left.

Love, Kn*ckers

[The Eagles]You can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave[/The Eagles]

Qiddity, come on, don’t pretend that you didn’t see the “Abandon hope, all ye who enter here” sign on the door!:smiley: