Hello from Hanoi

That’s about it. My room was supposed to be ready at noon; now it’s 16:00; at some point they’ll get me out of the lobby (they’ve given me a substitute room but I don’t want to shower and wash my clothes and sandals, then have to carry them to a new room). So I’ve gone out for a walk and a beer and some spring rolls, and now I’m waiting for one of my students from the US to show up for dinner (with luck after I shower) and getting faxes from the guy who’s setting up my meetings here, and dominating the computer because I am an imperialist pig. There, I’ve said it. It’s that or trot up to my substitute room and keep reading A Prayer for Owen Meany.

You lucky devil! If you have time, go and have a drink/meal at one of my favourite bars there, Golden Drum - upstairs at 20 Hang Non St in the Old Quarter. There’s a great balcony to chill out on.

Thanks for the recommendation! I’ll go if I have the chance. Right now I’m waiting for my student to arrive so we can find some pho for breakfast.