Land of the Morning Calm

Hello, all.

I was supposed to go prepare classes right about now, but I realized I had an extra coupla minutes to blow off. Very few, in fact, but what the hey.

Anyway, in case anyone noticed (or cared about) my extended absence, it stems from the fact that I’ve recently moved to Korea to teach English there for a year. I’ve officially started my 7th week of teaching, and my 8th week away from home. The whole experience so far has been an odd mix of good and bad. I guess I’ll have to elaborate at some later time, since time is exactly what I don’t have right now.

Anyway, I just wanted to drop you dopers a note to say “hello” and to show that I’m still alive and all that stuff. I’ve dropped in occasionally to read a few of the hot topics, but haven’t really had time to post.

And I still don’t.

So, on that note, see you all later, and keep on fighting (or spreading, in some cases - :smiley: ) ignorance.

Ahhhh… I was wondering where the hell you’d got to. I thought you were just avoiding my calls. :smiley:

I’m just waiting for you to elaborate!

So, any thoughts about Korea, good or bad?

Astroboy is there, you know; wouldn’t it be a hoot if you two got together and did something fun? I dunno, maybe go look around for Little Bob Dog coin banks for me? :wink:

Yes! Yes!!! I’m here too!! Where are you Zaphod? Are you in Seoul??? If so let’s get together, and you can cry on my shoulder… trust me: everyone’s experience here is a mixture of good and bad (mostly bad unless you’re lucky!) until you get acclimated and get to know the system a little bit… but once you do, it’s actually kinda fun being the weird foreigner! And on the positive side, you can get away with virtually anything short of murder because you are a foreigner “and don’t know any better”… :slight_smile:

Anyways, if you are in Seoul, and interested in getting together for a drink or some advice, e-mail me… or call me at 2290-2632 (leave a message after the weird warbling beep… don’t expect to hear my voice because every time the power goes out I lose my message, and I gave up on re-recording it years ago!).

Hope to hear from you soon, and don’t despair! All is not lost!

PS: I’m sure you have noticed by now that the “Land of the Morning Calm” is fucking noisy in the morning… just one of the many weird things you will discover here… welcome! And trust me, you’ll have the experience of a life-time!


Good one.

Astroboy and Zaphod, let us know where you are. It was a long time ago for me(24 years) but I was in Korea while in the military, at Camp Humphries to the south of Seoul. It would interest me to know how things are there now. I went to Seoul a couple of times, and on a day trip to Suwon, to the cultural village. The country was fine, but I was SURE glad to be home.

Baker, I’m in Seoul… been here for 5 years. Like Zaphod, I came over for one year… but something happened! True story: first class I taught in Seoul, and in walks a girl who made me go "ZOWIEEEEE!!!". Bits of me tingled, bits of me drooled, bits of me passed out on the floor… I fell HARD without even realizing it! A few days later, my students (knowing that I was new in Korea) asked me how I liked living in Seoul. I said “It’s great! But I miss Mexican food!” Zowieeee-girl (her name was, and continues to be Hyun Jeong) says “I know where there is a Mexican restaurant in Shin-chon” (a neighborhood in Seoul). I had her draw me a map to the restaurant, and said that I would go there on the following Saturday. She says “Can I come too?” 5 years later, we’re engaged, and I’m just as happy as I can be! But still in Seoul…

WARNING Zaphod!! Virtually every western guy I know who comes here to teach ends up marrying a student (usually a female one…)!! If you value your bachelorhood, RUN AWAY!! :smiley:

bumpity bump

Hey astroboy, I met Zap on msn last night. He was kind of rushed and asked me to tell you he’s in Kangnung, on the East coast. (That will mean more to you than to me)

He has indeed fallen in with a young woman. You were right. But your warnings came to late… and would probably have been futile anyhoo. :smiley:

Well, I taught in Korea for six years, and I didn’t get engaged to a Korean girl, but then I’m gay. Korea can be a lot of fun, and it can also be maddeningly difficult. Good luck!
I worked for Sisa Yong-o Sa (ECC Banpo, ECC Kangdong, ELS Socho, and ELS Kangnam). How about you and Astroboy?

ARRRGHHHH!! another good man falls victim to the wiles of the female of the species! The horror! The horror!! When will it end?

If you talk to him again, tell him I said congrats! :slight_smile:

He’s in Kangnung, eh? I’m not 100% sure exactly where that is, but I have heard of it… well, if he ever gets into Seoul maybe we can get together…

goboy, no hot Korean men?:wink: I worked for Si-sa for a cople of years when I first got here, but then I found a better gig…

…talk to him again? Yer gotta be kidding… Now that he has a girlfriend?

What’s the point?

No more game. No more midnight toboganing. No more beating the crap out of each other.