Hello from Melbourne

We flew to Melbourne for a few days break. As much as anything it will also give our cats the opportunity to savour life in a cattery.

The cattery is actually at the vets and the cats were on their best behaviour- not!!!

I had to arm wrestle the Blue Persian to get him in the cat cage and the Siamese yowled all the way there.

If looks could kill as we exited. But even now I can hear the plotting:

Blue Persian: This is whats going down Siamese. At midnight we bolt, hang let at the road and run for the trees.

Siamese: Rodger Blue Leader… I mean Blue Persian.
Blue Persian: I know where they hide they dry cat food.

Siamese: Yes, and they hate it if we crap in the carrots…

How’s the weather in Melbourne? Chilly?

For a change wet and cold.

Oh cattery stories!

One year the whole family were going camping together for two weeks over Xmas so our cat, and four of my sisters’ cats had to be driven to their holiday lodgings. We’d been assured that their cats were good travellers and would likely just curl up and sleep for the journey.

Suffice to say, they didn’t. Two hurtled around the car like whirligigs, one sat on the front dashboard and drooled copious amounts of cat slobber all over the instrument screen and one got under the accelerator pedal hissing and screaming when we tried to remove her.

We made my sisters pick their own cats up on our return trip.

Enjoy Melbourne Cic…where are you staying? :slight_smile:

We’re in a lovely apartment in Exhibition Street. Very central, and found a great little restaurant in Chinatown last night. It’s been five years since I have been in Melbourne so it is a great new experience. I am looking forward to finding all the old book stores.

Getting the cats to the vet- although they were in cat cages they still yowled at the top of their lungs. No problem- my partner knew where the vets was. Except the vet had moved (we normally go to another practice). If that isn’t grounds for a fight I don’t know what is.

Anyway, what are you doing playing on the SDMB when you should be out sightseeing and eating stuff? :smiley:

It’s cold and raining- not used to this. Plus I am getting over jetlag (yeah- does that sound reasonable?)

Actually I need to get moving- I need to meet someone for lunch.

Dude, Bells Beach is just a piece down the road. Gotta check it. Waaay cool rollers.

The weather’s meant to improve tomorrow - today’s a day for coffee and snacking - try Cumulus Inc, Movida, City Wine Shop on Spring St and St Jude’s in Brunswick. And then onto Polly’s for a decadent cocktail if you’re that way inclined.

I fly back to Perth tomorrow so naturally the weather will improve.

Just went to somewhere near the Oddfellows Hotel and had a nice lunch. Now to plan dinner for tonight.

What’s your favourite kind of food and your budget?

Price is not a real issue but I didn’t bring clothes to to to a dressy place. Also, we’ll probably just go local.

Fair enough. It’s pretty hard to go wrong in Melbourne with so many choices.

Not sure if these will be to your liking, but these are a couple of places I really love;

Cookie (modern Thai, huge beer and wine list, but quite noisy as it’s a bar)

La Citta (tiny Italian restaurant on Degraves St with great service and simple but beautifully cooked food).

And how is this different from the way the Siamese usually acts?

The weather improves every hour in Melbourne … the problem being that every half hour it goes bung. :stuck_out_tongue:

If you can, try NOBU. It’s one of my favourite restaurants in Melbourne. Just amazing - and no real dress code.

This one is deaf and probably has dementia. As she is deaf she has no idea how loud she is.

I need to be a bit careful. I went to a Chinese place last night and I am already searching for Immodium. I don’t want to be painting the bowl on the flight tomorrow.

You can’t go wrong with NOBU. It’s pretty expensive but the quality of the produce is exceptional. Really, I can’t recommend it enough.

Actually, that really is a change. We’ve had really nice weather for most of this month.