Hello from Melbourne

Just head down Victoria St Richmond (the 109 Tram) and go to any of the Viet Restaraunts there for a good hoe-down of bonza munger. Ask for a bowl of extra chillies and that will kill any salmonella bacteria present in the food anyway.

Win-win :smiley:

Only masochists and morons go to Bells Beach in the winter.

Oh, and die-hard surfers, but they fit both the criteria above anyway. :smiley:

We went to Little Malaysia off Little Bourke Street. I couldn’t say that it is one of my favourites.

Especially in winter to approach that headland for the first time and hear, long before you actually see, those big waves come pounding in is an experience one probably won’t forget in a lifetime. I’m not even a surfer but couldn’t help but marvel at the physics and beauty of the place. I hope locals haven’t taken it for granted because that’s not a scene you experience just any- and everywhere.

And a beautiful day today. I bet it will be cold and wet in Perth when I get back.

It’s certainly cold and wet in Sydney.

The plotting is for when you return to pick them up. You’ll know you are on their shit list if they exhibit and of thefollowing emotional responses.

Damn things. I should have left them at the cattery. They were all very smoochy after I picked them up. That night one of them pissed on the laundry floor which they have never done before.