So, We Have New Cat (Pictures)

As regular readers would be aware we have the worlds most handsome three legged Blue Persian, Keyser Soze. (Shown here with 4 legs).

It has been a while since the Siamese popped her clogs, so we gave in today and bought (from the refuge) another cat as company for Keyser Soze. He is a Himalayan Persian Cross.

People, meet Kobayashi.

(Clever folks will notice a theme. And no, I didn’t name him after a Doper).

Oh my gosh, they are both so pretty!! I can just imagine the beauty contests. :stuck_out_tongue:

Mr. Kobayashi is not amused.

Cranky kitty is cranky. But adorable. :slight_smile:

Actually, he is not cranky. He is extremely timid and I think it is probably more a scared look. Now if you want to see cranky, you need to see Keyser. Another cat in his house!!!

It was weird though in the sense of similarities in the cats. Both cats are show type cats with long hair that requires grooming. The breed/s are not rare, but not common in the city because of the climate.

Neither are the sort of cat that you just lose.

Keyser turned up here about three years back as a stray. His fur was matted, he was not micro chipped. Kobayashi turned up to another ladies house as a stray, matted fur, not micro chipped. Obviously if they were abandoned their fur would get matted very quickly.

However, the style of cat being let go in the same manner in the same area- bit weird- and we got them both.

Hmm, I’m sensing a theme here.

The pictures are hysterical. I’m sure in no time they’ll be best buds. Or not.

congrats on your new overlord!

do y’all have that silly lion cut down under? gives the cats little uggs?

New cat spent hours hiding behind the lounge. Now he has decided that it is great eating as much as he likes and napping on the million dollar lounge. Meanwhile the other (original) cat is sound asleep in his bedroom (we gave them both cat valium after the first hissing).

Kobayashi is responding well to sooking. Keyser- well - we will see.

Rocking Chair, I had not seen the lion cut until our cat came home from the vets looking like a punk rocker. I am certain getting them both shaved will keep me in the workhouse.

But they are both lovely animals.

Good for you rescuing them both - I wonder if they share a previous careless owner though?

They’re both gorgeous cats! Congrats.

They look like the Usual Suspects…

Very pretty!