Hello From Scotland

Yes, I have arrived to the land somewhere to the north of England.

From catching the cab to the airport in Perth Western Australia to actually arriving at the hotel in Edinburgh it was 30 hours of sitting in aircraft, lounges or generally waiting. I am not certain my bum will ever not be numb again.

I am pretty much over security checks and removing my laptop from the backpack.

It is great to be in Edinburgh and to be hot, cool, freezing and wet within an hour. Had a beer at the Guilford Arms and am looking forward to the next few weeks.

There’s a limerick in there, I’m sure of it. :slight_smile:

Good choice of pub. Don’t forget the Cafe Royal just along a bit. So you staying at The Balmoral then?

There once was a man from Perth
Who complained of his airline berth:
“I’m not certain my bum
will ever not be numb”
But a beer with the Scots sealed its worth.

Good one lieu!

I’m just curious why you went to Scotland? How long are you going to be there and what are you going to do? I hope it’s a vacation and not family trouble. I’ve always wanted to go to Scotland myself, if I was rich I’d be sitting in the middle of Glen Etive right now.

Yeah, the Guildford’s one of the best in Edinburgh. Had many a pint in there. There’s also the Kennilworth Arms on Rose Street, which has a similar feel (but the Guildford’s ceiling is still more impressive). Avoid Taps though.

Welcome! If you like, tell us about your planned itinerary, I’m sure we will be more than happy to shoot holes in it and make smart-arsed suggestions about what you should be doing instead :smiley:

Enjoy your stay. And if you go to the zoo, say hi to the rockhopper penguins for me.

Thanks all. Will try and remember to answer all the questions.

It;s merely a holiday, albeit a longish one (two months). We are not staying at the Balmoral, rather an older and quaint hotel on Calton Hill. Directly outside my window with a small lane between is a patch of very green grass- except it is a very old graveyard. We had a look yesterday and the earliest grave with a legible headstone dates 1699- and it mention the guys young children buried there earlier so it predates that. (that to me is very old as it predates European settlement in Australia). Willtry the pub you suggested later today CRSP. I was in Rose Street (famous for it’s pubs) several years back and unfortunately then it was full of deros and drunks pretty early on.

Our stay involves three weeks in Scotland staying in self catering accommodation for a week at a time and exploring the area by hire car. Then it is a few days in Paris, over to Ireland for a few weeks (self catering cottages again) and then back to London and Sussex for a week.

And then a chance for my bum to get numb again with that long flight home.

Shoot away and pick holes!

You’re up early for someone who’s on holidays.

Bit of jet lag.

I was also told that I can’t get mobile Internet coverage where we are staying so I have not lugged this laptop over here for nothing- Civilization V!

Currently at work in Edinburgh so here be my suggestions.

Find yourself abottle of Paradox ale by Brew Dog. Its matured in whisky casks and tastes amazing.

Try to find all the free museums on the Royal mile. I think there’s about 8 .

If you are planning on doing castles then get the 14 day Historic Scotland pass. do Edinburgh castle, thentake a day to go to Stirling. If you are a Python fan, Doune Castle is where Holy Grail was filmed and you can get coconuts at reception. Get a bottle of Holy Ail while there.

If you’ve got a 3G phone then buy a sim card from a 3 shop then when you register it, buy the 30 day 1gb data top up. That’s about the cheapest way to get phone and data for a tourist.

Only in Edinburgh for 3 days- so it is off to an open top bus tour. Later!

Welcome to sunny Scotland! Sorry about the weather. Hopefully you can catch some of the lovely autumn colours if you head up north. The leaves are just starting to turn, and if the sun’s out, it’s mighty pretty. Where are you staying when you are self catering?

I grew up in Edinburgh, but have been in exile to the west for the last few years. It’s been too long since I was there to give you reliable information about where to go on your short stay there, but I hope you enjoy whatever you do. Edinburgh’s such a pretty city - I do miss it.

I am so jealous. I did my Third Year abroad at Stirling University. Scotland is a wonderful place and Edinburgh especially. Enjoy.

An open top misery tour?

Another jealous post here. Scotland is my favorite place I’ve ever been to. Edinburgh is the only city in the world that I’ve visited and thought, “Yeah, I could live here.” And the countryside is amazing.

I would love to travel to Scotland and visit my ancestral home on Loch Lomond!

If you’re an Ian Rankin fan you must not miss the Oxford bar. The Halfway House is quite interesting as well. Their haggis is excellent.

Mix vodka with Irn bru then find the nearest Karaoke bar. Oh no wait, that’s Glasgow. :slight_smile: