Hello Ladies.

An entire first season has come and gone and not a single mention of it here? :dubious:

Why the hell not, FFS?!? :smack:

I saw a few episodes. I thought it was pretty much the same episode over and over. It had its moments, but was pretty predictable IMHO.

I wanted to like it. It is horrid.

I guess I enjoyed the like-able loser character of Stephen Merchant well enough to overlook the repetitive nature of the episodes. The part of the show that let me down was the last episode. He spent all this time and energy trying to get a shot at a model and when he’s got her all to himself, naked on the beach, he puts on his pants and goes home to be a supportive friend.

Exactly so.


I agree. I gave up at the “gay” episode. As soon as the dinner party speech seen started I knew the rest of the episode.

I’ve heard that HBO requested he be more of dick in the show and the gym juice bar girl episode (the only one where he remained sympathetic for most of it) is the much closer to what Merchant had intended the character to be.

Count me as fan number 2, I guess.

I didn’t have a problem with his choice in the finale. I think the friendship was developed well enough and the stakes behind her sadness were large enough that him going to her made sense. He saw her ‘boyfriend’ being a dick to her about it and that was kind of his ‘look in the mirror’ moment.

My only misgiving is that they’re blatantly setting up some kind of ‘will they/won’t they’ relationship between the two, which would be such a predictable direction.

Because you weren’t looking. Here’s my post in the new series thread. I wasn’t alone it disliking it.

I watched a later episode and it was the same boring crap. “Driving a weak premise into the ground.” doesn’t touch the surface. (If you’ll pardon the mixed metaphor.)

One big problem with English humor is the obsession with embarrassment. Oh, I did something that other people noticed, oh, I’m so embarrassed, I’m going to continue to be embarrassed some more. Sheesh.

I’ll be number three.

My biggest complaint was that at first he just seemed to be a taller/thinner Ricky Gervaise.

There were alot of things to be critical about but at a half hour it wasn’t too big a waste of time.

Somebody made a TV show out those Old Spice commercials?

I like it quite a lot and it definitely improved throughout the first season as they settled into the characters a bit.

Wasn’t that the obvious direction in the first few mintues of the show, when the characters were introduced?

I stopped watching in the middle of episode 2. Stephen Merchant is a funny guy but he favors cringe humor, he is really good at it and I can only take it in small doses.

I enjoy cringe humor and enjoy Hello Ladies. It’s a bit mindless, but that’s fine…I don’t mind if there’s a setup and you see what’s coming, as long as it makes me laugh, and it does. Plus I really like his employee (the new SNL cast member, Kyle Mooney or whatever – that dude is funny).

I wanted to like it, but could not.

Yeah, but I was hoping they’d zag instead of zig. They still might. So far, it’s all just setup and ‘they’re both so lonely’ montages.