Hello Mr cop, can you help me? ("narcos" asking the cops for help)

Sorry, can’t find a link in English, so Spanish it is.

A few days ago, Spanish police announced that during routine checkups they had discovered cocaine, heroine and colored pills in several containers in Valencia’s harbor. Today, El País reports that three guys who’d been hired to locate and recover 110kg of coke from one of those containers have been detained: two of them went to the police voluntarily, the third one went with the cops without a problem when they picked him up.

These three guys had been hired by the proprietor of the merchandise to retrieve it and given a description of the container. They went to the harbor, located the container, saw there were a lot of cops in the area and decided to take the road to Villadiego, which in Spain is what you do when you decide “here” isn’t a good place to be. Don’t ask me what’s so fancy about Villadiego, I’ve never been there. When the cops reported their finds, the owner of the drugs got mad, went to the house of the head minion, stabbed him on the arm and told him he was going to kill him and the other two minions.

Head minion and one of his friends went to the cops because hey, “at least in jail you don’t get killed!”

If you saw it in a movie you’d wonder how much of those drugs had the writers consumed :slight_smile:

I guess Spanish “take the Villadiego road” is similar to American “get out of Dodge”.