Hello, my name is Mossie and I'm a lurker...sorta

Hi, I’m MissMossie/Mosquito/Skeet/any other derivation of Mosquito. In the spirit of all of the introduction threads I’ve seen recently, I decided to go ahead and introduce myself. I’ve been a member for two years now and have just over a hundred posts, so I guess that makes me a lurker. I feel like I post a lot though. I thinks it’s just more recently, after taking a haitus from the internet, that I started posting.

Anywho, I’m a junior in college, studying applied mathematics. I’m currently investigating grad schools (any suggestions from my fellow mathletes?). My interests include math (duh!), Catholicism, LGBTA stuff, and Girl Scouting. My turnoffs include contemplating who could be elected POTUS and the pit (it scares me).

Hi Skeet - funny thing is, your name is familiar with only that 100 or so posts.

Are you proof of what my algebra teacher taught me about having to use all that math someday down the line?

An introduction from a charter member? There’s something you don’t see every day. Been trying to avoid the squid have you? It’s not that easy (insert evil laugh here)!

Seriously, glad to see you come out of lurking. It feels kinda weird to say welcome to someone who’s been here two years, so… uh… happy unlurking… or … something.


:: yells off to side ::
We got things cleaned up from last night yet?

:: ahem ::
Sorry about that. Internal political matter. Pay it no mind.

Welcome, to our lunacy! We have a buffet set up in… :: checks clipboard :: … Room Nine. Have fun!

Hello MissMossie. Be welcome. Enjoy your stay. :slight_smile:

welcome, missmossie. i, too have seen you rooting around these forums. here’s your official “welcome”.

how DO you get “charter member” by your name, anyways?

i’m only a franchise member…or a member larva.

Thanks for all of the lovely welcomes! I would feel special, but I know that y’all welcome anyone who pops in MPSIMS and says hello. Dopers are really just a bunch of welcome-whores, but I’m happy to be one of y’all!

Nope, you’re math teacher was wrong. As long as you understand basic concepts in arithmetic and can calculate a tip, you’ll get through life just fine. Lucky me gets learn stuff that is REALLY useless.

Charter Members are the super special people who paid dues right when SDMB switched to costing money.

Oops, forgot to credit that first quote to Mr Bus Guy.

Welcome, MissMossie!

Did you take your name from that of my favorite WW2 aircraft?


Belated welcome, Mossie. What does the “A” in “LGBTA” stand for? Androgyne? Asexual? Fight my ignorance!

Allies, they’re straight people who support queer rights.