hi! i have no idea where else to post this and i thought i should introduce myself before i just join some threads blindly.

so hi!



Hi, oh, and welcome!

:::waving back:::

Join on in!

waves HI!

Welcome to the boards!

Just a few quick words of advice so that you don’t jump in too blindly : pay attention to what forum you’re in, because they all have slightly different rules about what you can and cannot post. This was a good pick for a welcome thread, because well, there really isn’t a factual answer to it (General Questions), there isn’t much to Debate (Great Debates), there isn’t a poll (IMHO), etc etc.

Also, proper spelling and capitalization is very much approved of here, while l33t really isn’t. Of course, this is somewhat stricter in GQ and GD than in MPSIMS and IMHO, but it is still prefered across the boards.

This isn’t too cheerful a welcome, is it? :slight_smile:

Look around, find your “niche” and don’t get too upset at the hamsters…they;re doing the best they can to keep this place running :slight_smile:

Um. Well that’s stuff I need to know, I guess.

Ok thanks.

I am now posting under this username (having developed something of an aversion to the former one). I haven’t been here in a while, but I hope to come back now etc.

Erm, I mean this one. This is getting all very complicated, and I can’t seem to edit the last post.

My apologies.

Mmmmmm… ohgratuitous still has that new poster smell.

AHAHAHAH! Whatever that is. Is that a good thing? :slight_smile:

comes in with latex gloves and scrubbing brush ready

Improbability, a pleasure to meet you! kisses on both cheeks I’m part of the Official Greeting Committee of the SDMB, and if you’d just like to sign here… yes, right on the dotted line…

OK, now follow me please, and we’ll just get you all set up…

Ok, I’m coming. This isn’t going to be too gruesome, now is it? :dubious:

Of course not, sweetheart! :wink:

Just… breathe deeply and think happy thoughts, okay?

Hey guys! Is Mariah back out of her tank yet?

Oh my. Is it too late to run in terror?

Terror is completely optional. Running, however, is not.

:: clink go the leg irons ::

There we go…you just sit tight, and the rest of the Welcoming Committee will be along shortly. In the meantime, please list any allergies, phobias or fetishes you may have so we can custom-design an appropriate initiation ceremony for you.

Hey all! Welcome, but mind where you’re stepping; I’ve just finished mopping up from the last time, and the floors might be a little bit slippery still. Or sticky. Or oily. Or bread-y.

Aw, heck, walk where you want!

Er… Daithi, did we ever get rid of the Squck? worried

This place smells funny! What goes on in here? I think I should call the police! Yes, I’m calling the police!

I won’t mention it if YOU won’t mention it… and if Sunspace won’t mention it, and…

Someone hand me the duct tape… we’ve got a shouter

tosses Daithi a roll of duct tape, heads out

I’ll go get the cherry-flavoured lube and the lollipops… shall I? :wink:

I’m afraid that Mariah still hasn’t gotten over the …events… of last week. I was going to use an inflatable replica, but that just wouldn’t have been the same. Sorry.

Oh, mais oui - and don’t forget the needle-nose pliers - - and the fuzzy-bunny slippers!