Hey, thanks for dropping by, Engineer-Pilot and Gil-Martin! Hang out for a while. Have a beer. Have a slice of the pie. Leave the lime Jell-O alone, though, we’re going to need it later. . .


Look forward to seeing both of you around!

Welcome, both.

Engineer-Pilot, Do you ever read your uncle’s old posts on SDMB? Seems a little weird, doesn’t it? OTOH, most of us can’t do that with our ancestors. My dad, who I’m sure would have been active here, died before the invention of the byte, and the word “Internet” hadn’t yet been heard throughout the land, so his legacy is harder to find.

Can you imagine what it might be like if the Internet had been around for 100 years and we could look up threads or YouTube videos from, say, 1929?

Has it been so long since the last new member initiation? I thought the initiates brought pie and we provided the goat. Oh gosh I hope I didn’t get it backwards this time.

Anyhow, welcome to **Engineer-Pilot **and Gil-Martin. Pull up a lawn chair, join the discussions, and remember that the mods are all volunteers who don’t declare their stipends.

Norine, Mariah is having squidlings, I don’t think she’ll be ready to take part in the initiation. Can we use photos of Mudgirl and overwhelm the new posters with cuteness instead?

I’d think that would be permissible. Of course, if you wanted to update the whole mudgirl thing, you could overwhelm them with pre-teen pushing-the-envelope-to-the-edge-ness instead!:wink:

Has it really been THAT long? :eek:

I suppose it has been. That was what, Gettysdope I? And we went to IV or V, then missed two years. So she would be pre-teen now.

So if option B is pre-teen-ness – I think I’ll wait for Mariah, that’s the less icky choice. (Less icky for me anyway, I can’t speak for the [del]initiates[/del] new posters.)

Believe it or not, she’s 11! Sometimes even I :eek: about it!

She’s a really great kid, won first place with her 5th grade science fair project, is starting to really enjoy cooking, is making honor roll consistently. But sometimes. . .sometimes. . .::strangle::


Your uncle really was a great man. Welcome aboard. And welcome to Gil-Martin, too!

Yes, I was. I visited him several times and he asked me to post for him to let people know his status.

Thanks very much. Aunt Wilma is still doing just fine. She will be 88 this year and has the attitude and “moves” of someone who is 60. Great lady.

Yes, I do. But then I had the benefit of listening to his wisdom my whole life. My grandson will be able to find me on all kinds of media - a benefit that I didn’t have for my grandparents!

He was one of my heroes. I became an electrical engineer partly because he was one, and *certainly became a pilot because he was.

Posting to ask:

Would it be appropriate to ask people who fondly remember David to post some of his posts? He seems genuinely well-liked, although I don’t recall crossing his path.

David was someone who’d ‘been there and done that’. On history he could talk about his experiences as a B-26 pilot in WWII. On politics he could reference times he lived through. On science he would draw upon his engineering experience. He was just plain interesting.

Here he posts some information on the B-26.

You can click on his name in that thread and find posts he’s made on various subjects.

Well, that’s one way to get out of the… inkier… parts of the [del]initiation[/del] welcome!

What a coincidence: I’m 63 and have the moves of an 88-year-old. We’re practically twins!

Thanks so much. I’ll look into that.