Just joined SDMB - I am the oldest nephew of the late David Simmons who told me about this site a couple of years ago before he died. He was a frequent poster to the site and had a lot of friends here.

Welcome. I’m new too.

New? It’s all relative. And we’re all relatives, so welcome!

Welcome aboard!

I guess we have to take you… you’re a legacy.


Well, at least I’m relatively new, and I thank you for the relative welcome. :slight_smile:

Welcome to the board, Engineer-Pilot! Your uncle was a great guy and a lot of people here saddened by his passing. I hope you find the place to your liking. And Gil-Martin, I hope you’ve been enjoying it here.

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Welcome, welcome!

We have cookies (possibly Girl Guide). :slight_smile:

Welcome aboard both of you!

Greetings and salutations!

Right! Missed you on the first go-around.


Mr. Simmons was one hell of a great guy. I miss him. I am sincerely glad that you’re here to carry on the legacy.

David Simmons was one of my favourite posters, and I always looked forward to his posts. I met him and Wilma a couple of times (La Brea and Ye Old King’s Head Dopefests). He was one heck of a guy.

Welcome to the boards, Nephew of David.

Welcome–nice to have you with us! I well remember David’s posts, and it’s nice to see a member of his family joining us.

Welcome to the Dope! I hope you have a good time here. Don’t worry about the addictiveness of it; we can all quit any time we like. :slight_smile:

What they all said.

Welcome. Were you the relative who posted briefly to update us as David’s condition worsened?

Welcome to the boards, lean back and enjoy the ride!

Ah, but did you bring goat? Or is that pie, I can’t quite remember what the initiation rites are nowadays. Most certainly you need to pull up a chair, grab a drink and admire the scenery.

I don’t know whether goats are classified as part of the vista though.

Here, have a stubby of VB anyway. :smiley:

Be welcome! Enjoy your stay. :slight_smile:

Welcome to our playground! You had nothing better to do with your free time, did you?