Hell's Kitchen 7-16

What. The. Hell?



Not Bonnie “ohh boody hoody, I’m awful! <blink blink> but I’m pretty”

Not Rock “My ego is so big that Ayers Rock is getting nervous.”

Not Josh: “Um, I really cant cook lamb.”

Anyhoo–Go Little Wafflehouse Girl, go!

Wow. I was thinking Brad for final two with Jen.
Does Rock always talk about himself in the 3rd person?

And what’s with Bonnie proposing a rabbit dish when she doesn’t know how to cook rabbit???

But none of rest rose to the suckitude of Josh.

Yes he does. It’s irritating.

I don’t know if Josh has it and I’m getting to where I don’t like Rock at all.

He’ll probably win.

On the Women’s side–if it doesn’t come down to Jen and Julia then it is just A: a beauty pageant or B: editing to utterly tell an untrue story “bonnie has sucked and sucked and now she knows how to keep it together.”

Rock is a frigging monster. So is Jen.

See, I just don’t get the enormous hate-on that the entire Internet seems to have for Bonnie.

She’s excessively emotional and easily flustered, yes. She seems like she’s a lot stronger when the kitchen is operating as a team - talking and working together; when the chefs start sniping she takes it personally and can’t focus on the work at hand because she’s too busy wondering why person X doesn’t like her any more.

But how is her particular kind of emotional issue different from Jen’s (ranging from uncommunicative wallflower to uncommunicative bitch)? Or Rock’s (and his utterly insane temper tantrum last week)? Or Josh’s (falls completely to pieces when things start to go wrong and generally can’t get it back)?

On the plus side, Bonnie seems to have actual ability when it comes to developing and creating dishes. Her recipes in the individual cooking challenges have pretty frequently gotten praise from Ramsey, and her rabbit dish was praised by the customers. In fact, re: the rabbit dish - she may not have known how to cook it when she proposed it, but she sure as hell figured out how to do it well enough to: (1) get it out there to the customers in a timely fashion; and (2) get it out there tasting good enough to garner compliments and no returns. That sort of improvisation requires actual chops, and if it took her a few minutes to figure it out, so what? If Julia had been that successful cooking a dish with which she had no experience, people would be building a shrine to her.

Also, she has a sense of humor about herself, and an ability - she and Julia seem to be the only ones on the show with this ability - to realistically assess her own strengths and her own weaknesses.

Yeah, she made a few airhead mistakes. They’ve all done that.

I really am starting to hate Jen, by the way. I hope she’s gone next. I note that the two dishes she pooh-poohed as not fancified enough for her refined taste - Bonnie’s rabbit and Julia’s steak & shrimp - were both extremely successful. She became unbelievably nasty during the final service; the team’s inability to communicate during that service was entirely due to her sudden decision to turn evil.

Can we please not forget, never forget, that Jen is the person who tried to serve spaghetti out of the trash? You’d think she’d be a bit less obnoxious abotu the mistakes of others with that particular move on her resume. I’d much rather eat at Bonnie’s restaraunt than Jen’s, is all I’m saying.

Of course, I’m rooting for Julia in the end.

Rock is really good, too, though. I notice that (with the exception of the nuclear meltdown last episode) he saves his arrogance and aggressiveness for the confessionals; when trying to convince Josh that his pan wasn’t hot enough, he was the very soul of diplomacy. He’ll probably win, because he is creative enough to design interesting dishes, competent enough to cook them consistently, and smart enough to work well with others.

We’ll clobber those stupid bitches! … Say my name! Fuck PC, just say my name! Say it!

Fair enough. I had forgotten that moment.

I think Rock will win. They’ll probably rename Hank’s to Rock’s and give that to him.

If he somehow manages to sabotage himself, then it goes to Julia and she gets the Grand Cafe.

I like Bonnie, she seems genuine, but she’s not a head chef.

Jen’s spaghetti faux pas guarantees she won’t win. Nobody is going to dine at GVR if they pick her. Spaghetti tends to fall down into little crevasses. If the end of a spaghetti strand Jen fished out had touched something truly vile, that contaminant is now all over the spaghetti water. And judging from the way they cooked spaghetti, I feel ooky about the next batch of spaghetti that was made. It takes a long time to get water back up to boiling, so I highly doubt they refreshed the water.

I know, about the spaghetti. Sometimes when I’m cooking at home and some pasta slops into the sink when I’m draining it, I’ll fish those whole noodles out and throw them away. What I should do is get a real pasta pot with the strainer but that’s another topic altogether.

Brad’s turbot with wild mushroom consomme truly did look like baby vomit when combined.

Josh seems to be all talk. His one-on-one interviews are so full of bluster and posturing, and he just fell apart with the lamb.

Anyway, I don’t mind Bonnie so much either. I think if you combined Bonnie and Julia, you’d have the show’s winner. It should be interesting to see how everyone works together in the kitchen next week.

Ditto! :slight_smile:

The sad thing is that I rather liked Jen before… and I was trying really, really hard to forget the whole trash issue, but this last show really turned me off. Not the close ups of the red kitchen (They could have just taken the same shot of her looking cranky that one time and replayed it…alot, right? hopeful), as watching the red kitchen while they were at the blue kitchen. She just didn’t seem to be *doing * anything. Maybe it’s to show that if Jen isn’t taking charge, counting out the times for the others that the kitchen falls apart? I just don’t know…

As for Rock - he can’t win. He’s pissed off Ramsey by not helping Josh. And sure…that’s not such a big thing, but more importantly he’s pissed off Jean Phillippe (by again being an ass and not helping). (Granted, it was all the guys there, but Rock was the one with the back excuse - I mean, I thought I’d seen Blue unloading stuff for one of their punishments, but maybe I am confused?)

I was surprised Brad went home. I really think the guys put up Brad so that Bonny would go home…(And therefore, HA! HE was sent home!) And however I like Bonny, I wonder if she’s being kept around longer because she’s cute?

Have any of you worked in a Kitchen? As a wait staff or cooking?

I put myself through college in a restaurant waiting tables - ok this was early 90’s but hey… I’ve never met a nicey nice executive chef. Never. I think Rock would make a good chef, and a good winner. He’s got the no bullshit attitude, and on top of it knows how to cook. Ramsey let’s him know he’s good all the time. I pick he and Jenn in the final…Although I’d love to see Waffle House Girl get it just out of pure fortitude.

The one thing these contestants always seems to ignore is that they first have to work as a team if they want to be successful. Ramsey was emphasizing that all through last night’s show, and I think he wanted to send a strong message by sending Brad home for ignoring the teamwork aspect. Rock would have been a candidate as well, but Brad hasn’t been as strong as Rock.

I don’t see Julia winning simply due to her lack of knowledge. I predict she gets offered a chef position in one of Ramsey’s places so she can learn. No way does she ever have to go back to Waffle House.

Julia was the one who cooked the rabbit leg.

I liked how the deliveries were all sabotaged.

“It’s skeletonnnns!”

Funny thing is I’ve never really thought of fish skeletons. To me, they’re just fish bones.

And yes, if Jean Phillipe had the opportunity, he’d have clobbered the guys for their “Yeah, we could help (but we won’t!)” attitude.

Rock isn’t just not nice. He’s downright violent.

I don’t think it’s entirely fair to characterize Rock as a “monster” or “downright violent.”

Sure, he totally overreacted to losing the lobster challenge, and definitely shouldn’t have been slamming refrigerator doors, tossing pots about or being such a pouty little brat when sorting through the bottles. I’m also willing to grant that Rock may in fact have a volatile personality, and that’s heightened by the combination of inadequate sleep, the constant presence of cameras and bright lights, and the normal day-to-day stress of working in a kitchen environment. This is why people tend to lose their shit on competitive reality shows.

Maybe I’m feeling more charitable because I just caught the first episode of Rock of Love with Bret Michaels on VH1 and those women put Rock to shame. Holy catfight.

While I join everyone wlse in rooting for Julia, she really does need more training. She has all the skills and talent to run a kitchen but she lacks some necessary knowledge of gourmet cooking. It’s nothing that she can’t learn – she appears to be the kind of cook who only needs to be shown once how to make a dish, get it down cold and start knocking it out – but she’s going to require some time to learn unfamiliar ingredients, techniques and recipes if she’s going to run an upscale kitchen.

If I had to pick somebody to run a kitchen right now, it would be Rock. He has experience, leadership ability and chops. He also has arrogance but, as has been mentioned, arrogance is as ubiquitous as olive oil in upscale kitchens. What I think it would be nice to see, though, is for Ramsay to offer to take Julia under his wing as an apprentice for a while. Let her study under him for a year or so and there will be no stopping her. She has a lot of good instincts already. The hardware is already there, she just needs to install some softeware.

These were the most interesting parts of the show to me.

I wanted to see more of what happened with Bonnie’s error with the delivery. Maybe it’s just that I’ve worked a few jobs where received goods must be checked against the PO/waybill, and occasionally had to open boxes to do so, but accepting goods and finding out later that they’re not what you were expecting is just plain negligent. Even though it had nothing to do with cooking, I’d imagine that chefs must know what they’re ordering and getting, and Bonnie should have been hung out to dry for not making sure that they got what they wanted.

As for the guys blowing Jean-Philippe off, I lost a lot of respect for them at that point. Guys, playtime is over and it’s time for all the chefs on both teams to work towards the common goal of preparing for the night’s service. I’d love to know what Chef Ramsay thought of that attitude. He must have heard about it; it’s pretty obvious that J-P has Ramsay’s ear when he needs it.

I’m still cheering for Julia. If she has any faults at all, it’s that she not as assertive as she could be when she needs to be. Steak and shrimp were a good idea, I thought; if Bonnie and Jen knocked down her suggestion for not being classy enough, then it was great to see Ramsay restore it. But it’s incidents like this, as well as ones like the egg incident a few episodes ago (remember, they didn’t want to let Julia cook eggs, even though she does so every day) that demonstrate that Julia’s failing is not in her cooking, but in her lack of assertiveness. Like I said, I’m still cheering for her, but I’d like to see her grow a stiffer backbone as well.

Since Bonnie is a “personal chef” with no restaurant experience, I think she had never checked in a delivery order before and had no idea how to do it. We saw her sniffing some crab but I wonder if she ever bothered – or knew she was supposed to bother – to check the incoming boxes against the invoice and make sure everything matched. She might have thought she was supposed to randomly open a few boxes and inspect for quality when she should have been making sure the order matched the delivery. They put the wrong person in charge of receiving the delivery. Even Julia the waffle house cook would have known how to check off an invoice (and probably doesn’t miss a trick if the driver unloads the wrong box or shorts her on something).

For all their talk about Julia lacking haute cuisine knowledge, Bonnie is probably even more handicapped than Julia is by her lack of restaurant experience. All she does is cook for one household with no pressure and no time limit. I think it would take Bonnie longer to acquire the skills and knowledge that Julia has (the ability to run a line, stay out of the weeds during service and be able to do simple tasks like check in delivery orders) than for Julia to learn a few recipes. So she doesn’t know how to make creme brulee. Show her one time and she’ll be doing it better than you ten minutes later.