Hell's Kitchen 8-06 First Finale Half

I don’t like rooting for Rock but I am. No one else is talking about it?

I can’t predict how it will turn out. Rock surely wasn’t getting the benefit of the edit in tonight’s episode, so maybe that bodes well for him next week. They both have losers on their teams. WTF was with Julia? She may have gotten the best long term prize out of the entire season and she’s gone of the deep end?

I guess I’m rooting for Rock. It is difficult this season after Julia went out. I’m kinda meh about Rock but I can’t forgive Bonnie for being such a stuck-up bitch about Julia being a waffle house cook. So I guess I’m rooting against Bonnie rather than for Rock.

Problem is Rock seemed completely lost tonight. I’d have thought he be a shoe-in to win this but now I’m not so sure.

I don’t think Julia understands exactly what she has won. A good culinary school is as expensive as a top 10 Ivy League school. Some one needs to sit her down and explain this to her. Basically she’s just won upwards of $80k-$200k depending on where Ramsey sends her.

Julia’s tears didn’t bother me very much. It must’ve been difficult for her to take it all in – being told to get out of HK BUT “I’m going to send you to culinary school” AND “Oh, btw, you have to return in a couple of weeks for the finale.” The poor girl doesn’t know if she’s coming or going. And yeah, I believed her when she said she honestly thought she was going to nail the competition.

I’m with Rock. Hissy fits aside, he’s got the background, etc.

I swear, if by any chance Bonnie wins, I’m going to do something drastic. No f-ing way.

Julia really upset me with all that crying. It just seemed so ungrateful. And if you can’t be properly grateful, at least keep a lid on it in front of everyone. I would have picked her first for my team, but for that.

I was also disgusted that everyone went right back to boys against girls. Grow up, for fuck’s sake.

One more thing: Bonnie’s signature dish is pasta with crab and lobster??? Sounds complicated. :rolleyes: Rock’s sounded creative, at least, but it must have sucked, since it lost out to spaghetti.

I thought it seemed ungrateful, too. In fact, I was cringing with anticipation of Ramsay saying, “You know what? Culinary school isn’t good enough for you? Fuck off back home, then!”

But it may just be that she doesn’t realize what she’s got in that offer, as was pointed out earlier. I hope that’s the case.

I was disappointed in Julia, too, but her elimination is probably still pretty raw for her. Jen was probably taking hers okay because of her girlcrush on Bonnie but Julia was most likely a little resentful of having to help Bonnie win. Bonnie was in the bottom two pretty often before she got her shit together and from what we know of Bonnie’s background she has less kitchen experience than Julia so I’m sure it was kind of a slap in the face for Julia.

I think Rock would have picked Julia for his team had she not been so emotional. But Bonnie picking Melissa over Julia wasn’t going to help matters.

I also noted Rock getting the “loser” edit so I hope that means he will be the winner in the end because they like to make the final result seem like a surprise.

Also, I am not so much for Rock as I am against Bonnie.

Who knows what quality of culinary school Julia will be sent to. Maybe it will be in some strip mall for all we know at this point. Everyone assumes that it will be some great school. There was no promise of a top shelf culinary school, only that there will be SOME culinary school.

Rock got a bad edit for sure tonight. I don’t like him but I can’t fathom Bonnie winning this thing.

I got the distinct feeling that, during the competition in Vegas, that the previous season winners were put there solely to make sure that the competition went all the way to the 7th vote so all of those people could get on TV (mainly the owners of the restaurant). Neither of them really seemed like they really liked Rocks dish. It just seemed like they were saying the words.

I spent the entire night thinking that this was the finale and I kept wondering how they were going to do the entire final comp in 5 minutes. I didn’t realize it was a 2 parter until the end.

Julia annoyed me tonight, though I can understand where she’s coming from.

I wanted better footage of their signature dishes. I could hardly see what they looked like, and therefore could make no armchair judgments about how they tasted.

Rock totally should have picked Julia for his team, which would have both stuck it to Josh and Bonnie. After all his chatter about how Bonnie’s playing the game, that, to me, would have been the best tactical decision.

Yeah, I was trying to decide if they filmed everyone giving their opinions and then edited it so that it came down to the very last judges. Cripes, this is an awful show.

Julia annoyed me, too. I’ve said before, I don’t like public displays of emotion. You’re mad, sad, ecstatic? Suck it up and act rationally, especially on camera. If you have to brekdown, wait until you’re alone. It seemed like poor sportsmanship. And I honestly don’t think Ramsey would send her to a two-bit culinary shcool. If he’s impressed enough to want to further her career, he’s not going to do it half-assed.

Rock didn’t seem to have a vision of an upscale restaurant. He did get the “loser” edit, so hopefully he’ll win. I thought the seafood alfredo was sort of lame, although it may be comfort food, it’s not exactly a dish to win a restaurant on. I thought the judging seemed very staged to heighten the tension. They probably told each judge what he was going to choose beforehand.

I, too, didn’t realize it was a two-part ep until the very end. I wonder if they had to do that because Ramsey kicked people off early?


Oh yeah, also, somebody check my brain here to make sure I am not crazy.

On the first episode of HK this season, when they were showing “THIS SEASON ON, HELLS KITCHEN…” there was a very dramatic clip of someone getting hurt in the kitchen, apparently badly because someone (GR?) said something like “Don’t you die on me here” and then they showed the ambulance riding off.

We have not seen that moment yet have we? And if not I’m not the only one who saw that during the first episode am I? I can only assume it happens during the last episode but I figured they would have hyped the accident or whatever during last nights “NEXT WEEK ON, HELLS KITCHEN…” preview but they didn’t.

I’m not crazy here am I?

That was the older Asian guy who broke into tears before the first serving of the competition. He lasted a week or two before literally passing out in the kitchen before a service.

That guy reminded me of those “fainting goats” or sheep that I’ve seen on YouTube. Just go “Boo!” and they freeze up and keel over.

Here they are.

Am I the only one who thinks none of these people can cook? I have to say that after watching a few episodes I feel no desire to ever eat at the Green Valley Ranch.

Maybe they filmed the judges giving both opinions.

Director: Ok, quiet on the set! Take 1, cue Heather to vote for Rock. Ok good, take 2, cue Heather to vote for Bonnie. Next judge!

It annoyed me too, but you also have to remember it’s only been a few days for her. You’re all hyped to win, you just won a challenge and then… BAM. Your gone. Then dragged back to help the winner. I can see how it would be a rollercoaster.

I’m not sure if I care who wins, but now that Bonnie’s pulled herself together it just seems to me that she’d run the better restaurant. Rock seems a little… unstable? at times and he doesn’t have a vision together. Maybe it’ll pull together next week though and revise my opinion.

Yeah, it bugged me because my TV guide was all ‘two parter of Hell’s Kitchen, the season finale!’ and the first episode turned out to be the previous weeks (good, because I hadn’t watched the tape) and then it was closing in on 11 and I was wondering when they’d actually cook…

Bonnie didn’t know what franks and beans were. She thought it was some odd British thing. She couldn’t conceive of those foods together.

I wouldn’t trust her to cook me a bowl of cold cereal.

The judges knew which dish was made by which chef. If it were meant to be a legitimate competition, they wouldn’t have known this.

And why didn’t Aaron (the Asian guy with medical issues) or Eddie reappear for the finale?

Re Aaron and Eddie: Do you mean as part of the chefs Bonnie and Rock chose for their teams? It’s because they choose only from the last six chefs to be eliminated. All contestants may all show up for the final final episode when the winner is revealed (I can’t remember what happened last season).