Hell's Kitchen 7/30

Bonnie?? Fuckin BONNIE?? Fuck me senseless.

Yes, but

Jen would always be the one that took spaghetti out of the trash

Yeah, it’s kind of hard to get past that spaghetti out of the garbage thing.

I think Rock is going to win in a walk. I don’t see Bonny being able to put up a serious fight against him.

I just can’t see Bonnie running a restaurant. She’s said a couple of times that she wanted to go home. In addition, she seemed pretty wishy-washy when Jen asked her, straight up, if she wanted to run her own restaurant.

It seems to me that Rock wants to run a restaurant and take his career to another level while Bonnie wants to win a competition.

Not surprised. Jen just didn’t have it in her. She kind of came off as flat. Talented, but not really driven. Bonnie at least seems like she has talent, if not leadership ability.

I think Rock’s a lock in this. He has the ability and the attitude to step up. Bonnie may have the ability, but she doesn’t really have any sort of leadership ability beyond her rather poor Gordon Ramsey impression.

Well, Rock is still capable of taking himself out of it. But the person I like in the beginning always finishes second…

I’m beginning to think that the reason we saw so much Rock rage was so the final episode wouldn’t be such a foregone conclusion. He’s been the clear leader since the beginning and is obviously Ramsay’s favorite (possibly tied with Julia there, with the proviso that Julia just wasn’t ready yet)

But boy, did Bonnie ever get screwed in the challenge. Beans and Franks done fancy? I’ve seen fried chicken and spaghetti and meatballs and upper-crust places: just use finer ingredients. But beans and franks… Yeesh.

It looked like they had fancy sausage, not hot dogs, for the beans and franks.

I got a little aroused when Bonnie was yelling at Gordon. She could have a career as a dominatrix.

I notice the winners of the first challenge are getting booted: Julia, Jen.

Yeah, I agree they had to boot Jen for poor quality control and the garbage spaghetti. I wish Gordon said his parting words for her, but they cut the jacket hook - flame switch segment.

It was classy of Rock to apologize to Jen.

Yeah, she drew the short straw, but remember she picked the plate to uncover. She could have uncovered meatloaf or something easier. I cannot believe she made it this far, she does not deserve to be in the top 10, much less the finals. Give the resturant to Rock already, although I would not want to eat there.

I like that everyone left was really sad about Julia and had nice things to say about her. So we and Ramsay weren’t the only ones who were fond of her. As much as I dislike Bonnie, I just didn’t think Jen was going to win because of the garbage spaghetti thing, so it was probably safest to kick her out before the finals just in case Rock totally tanked in the final. I knew Rock would have to be in the final.

Rock was given a redemption edit for this episode. It was smart of him to apologize and I hope it wasn’t just because he knew he looked bad. He also stopped talking in the third person so maybe he realized he just had to drop the jackass role? He also loves his mama and any guy who loves his mama can’t be all bad. He also deserves extra props for not strangling Bonnie with a dishrag and stuffing her down the garbage disposal while they were cleaning the dorms.

I have switched my allegiance to Rock. Bonnie keps getting the spoiled whiny brat edit and I don’t think it would be possible to show her being that way so often if she wasn’t acting that way so often. I don’t think Bonnie could handle a restaurant. I think she’s a bit of an actress so that’s why she can pull off the bossing around challenge but I don’t think she could handle running a restaurant on a day to day basis and I don’t think she wants it as much as Rock. She may lose interest in another 5 years or less. I see Bonnie better suited to a catering service. She can be creative but she can work on her own schedule.

Bonnie asked Jen to cook with her in the final when Jen was booted (btw, way to make it all about you Bonnie), so if Bonnie gets first pick I think she will pick Jen, and I predict Rock will pick Julia first. No one will want Josh.

It’s funny that the challenge was similar to a Top Chef challenge. I also like that Jen won with my recipe. In the “What would be your signature dish?” thread I said I would make a chicken roulade.

Gah, it’s so much harder to care now that Julia’s gone. I’m still watching, though.

I just hope this means I’ll never have to see Jen make that face again.

I wasn’t surprised that Jen got sent home – she just doesn’t have the personality to run a large restaurant. The term I kept thinking of for her personality last night was “doughy” (soft and squishy). She even admitted to being “mousy” when trying to justify making it to the finals.

I think a Rock/Bonnie finale will be interesting because they will have two very different approaches.

Why did they contestants all looked surprised when Ramsey told them they would be expediting for part of service? He did the same thing last season (and maybe the first season, but I don’t remember).

The contestants have to do a lot of faking surprise, if you ask me.

Take the High School Challenge. Every High School cafeteria just happens to have enough goat cheese on hand to make 100 servings, yes? Riiiiiight.

Maybe the contestants are surprised and taken there blindfolded. Maybe. But then, they have to be give some time to decide on their dishes, and then there has to be an unacknowledged gap while the production crew runs out to gather all the ingredients the contestants need for their dishes.

This is how it seems to me as well. For Rock, it seems to be no longer a game, but a way for him to get a fine restaurant. He’s looking beyond the final showdown, and indeed, to another level.

For Bonnie, it seems to be still a game. Can she beat Rock in the final and win the game? But is she looking beyond that to the time when she will have to take charge like Heather (season 2) and Michael (season 1)? I don’t think she is looking beyond to another level, in the way that Rock is.

Why not? Seriously, what has she done that’s been so egregious that she not only does not deserve to win, but doesn’t even belong in the Top 10? A top 10, that I should remind you, included Josh. And Melissa. And Jen the trash picker. And freaking Aaron, for crying out loud.

She seems to cook well, and have creative ideas. We’ve seen her perform reasonably well in the last two services, and from what we were shown was clearly the strongest of the three running the kitchen in this most recent episode. She has made mistakes, but so has every other contestant - Rock misses a trick here and there, and it’s “oh, he’s deserved to win since the beginning,” but Bonnie makes a mistake and the entire Internet rips her apart.

This girl seems to engender dislike, quite independent of anything she’s done to deserve it, and for the life of me, I can’t figure out why.

I would’ve done a nice folded ciabatta bread bowl (folded to keep it warm and so you can rip off the folds and dip them into the soup) in which I would’ve served dime-sized fluffy/crispy dumplings floating in a warm spicy orange and brown lentil soup flavored with rounds of fresh-rosemary-simmered pork sausage, andouille if available. :wink:

As I said a few threads ago, Bonnie is just too cute to get the boot. Rock rules the kitchen. Besides, anybody with a mom that gorgeous should win every contest hands down.

This is the SDMB. Here, blonde and pretty equals stupid, until proven not to be multiple times.

She hasn’t cooked a bad meal in weeks, if ever, and even her screwups seem to be magnified out of porportion. She deserves to be in the final. That said, she doesn’t seem to want it that bad, certainly not as much as Rock. I think she’ll parlay this into a minor and brief film/TV career, just like Coleen from the first Survivor.

For me, it’s the crying and wailing, “I want to go home.”

Wasn’t it Bonnie who last week threw away a whole pan of monkfish without asking or telling the kitchen manager? And she screwed up the delivery task, too. A restaurant is a business. You can’t afford to throw your profits away, even if you’re a wonderful chef, which I don’t think Bonnie is. I think she has potential, but she needs more experience and she needs to grow up.