Hell's Kitchen 7/2/07 (open spoilers)

Wow. Not over yet, but I’m going to guess that Melissa is toast. Bye, bitch!

Well, f*** me! Didn’t see that coming. I really had a raging hate-on for Melissa so I’m sad to see her survive. Damn!

Something that bothered me tonight was why didn’t any of the chefs wear hairnets (especially Melissa with that long unruly hair)?

Melissa did come off as a total control freak, even when the women’s team was just decorating the dining room, but I had to remind myself that was how the show was edited. It’s possible that the producers made it appear worse than it was.

What was that thing on her chin? I usually don’t attack appearances but it looked like she was trying to grow a soul patch or something. A friend of mine that is equally addicted to the show texted me “IT LOOKS LIKE SOMETHING A RAT NEEDS TO GNAW OFF”.

Which made me giggle for the last twenty minutes of the show.

And her hair not being pulled back while they cooked the samples for the bride and groom made me cringe.

I guess we see who Ramsey has hand picked to win.

This was a real slap in the face to the men. Even when they win, they lose. I thought the losing team was supposed to, you know, not benefit. The women got to get rid of their worst performer, and the guys got saddled with her.

Ramsey really fu**ed the men’s team over.

I try to assume that the producers are trying to show us in a few minutes how someone acts over a longer period of time. But yes, they can make us think anything about anyone.

So now it is out in the open…HH digs “cave women”…

The Sea Bass w/ braised Collard Greens and Bacon had to have Julia’s Southern influence. Sounded yummy. The guys did great and it was good to see them get a rewards…

Also nice that they played last weeks episode, 'cause i missed it…


And what was the name of the sauce that Melissa screwed up? It sounded like sauvignon sauce.

Sabayon Sauce…

I was thinking that must be how that zabaglione sauce is pronounced!

Dude, it was either a soul patch or a fuckin’ facial veruca. Grody!

The hair bugged the hell out of me as well. I don’t want your ginger strands in my risotto, missy. Get a hairnet!

Smitty, I agree that Ramsay screwed the guys over for no good reason. What has Melissa shown that makes her worth tossing the rules aside for? She sucks.

ThisSpaceForRent… I said hate on, not… you know. Even if she was appealing that voice grates like a mandolin on flesh. I was hoping one of the women (Julia?) would punch her in the throat after her “who’s going to take control, you?” strop.

:smack: … I apparently have a reading disorder… :smiley:

my bad…


Hey, at one point she looked promising… then she opened her mouth.

Apparently the “soul patch” is the hole left when she took out her hip 'n trendy piercing. Kids, a facial piercing is forever, especially if it looks like Missy’s. Or put a bandaid on that motherfucker.

Almost forgot the other highlight of the show… that charred lump of lung, er, I mean duck. Couldn’t they have slapped some sauvignon sauce on that bad boy? Ewww!

This was my first night watching, and I saw both eps. That duck was absolutely miserable. I can understand what the Odious Melissa was trying to do when she said not to serve it, all the cooking competition shows say " you shouldn’t put food out if it’s not edible". But what are you supposed to do in that case? And how could Melissa get to whatever stage of her career and not know you have to put peeled cut potatoes into water to keep them from oxidizing. My mother had me peeling potatoes by the time I was 6 or 7 and I certainly could see what happened to the peelings that weren’t immersed.

I only like one of the women - the nanny cries (if you can’t stand the heat…), the Hair dictates, the winner is wishy-washy and doesn’t want to take the lead (at least the Hair tried to lead, if in a ham-handed way sure to make her team hate her), The short-order cook is the only one who seems to be able to stand on her own two feet without being a dominatrix.

I’ve set my TIVO to record the rest of the season. This is interesting.


Are you a cook? Or Chef? or whatever the hell is the difference?

Yep, my wife noticed that right away. Once I thought about it, I have never seen a hairnet used in any cooking show on TV. Guess it isn’t very photogenic.

Julia is the only one of the women that I like - Melissa’s a bitch, Bonnie’s an idiot, and Jen’s a wimp. After they got rid of Vinnie, the only one of the guys that irritate me is Rock - he’s good, but too damn cocky (and speaking in third-person is just lame).

I love watching Ramsay get all wound up during the challenges, I think that he might be capable of murder at some points. I was sure that he was going to beat Vinnie to death with a Wellington last week, or drive Bonnie to put her head in the oven.

Agreed. But usually they at least have their hair pulled back. Melissa’s hair looked gross and unkempt… and likely to end up in your food. She was the only one with her hair hanging in her face. I’m amazed that Ramsay didn’t rip her a new one for being so damn unhygienic. Nasty ho.

I guess Melissa is the Howie of Hell’s Kitchen.

What struck me about Melissa was the amazing transformations from scene to scene - first it’s loose and straggly, then it’s pulled back, then loose again, pulled back again… There’s no continuity in the editing at all.

And **StGermain **, be sure and tell your Tivo to catch the first few eps as well. There’s a good chance there’s a marathon for the 4th, and you need to see Aaron, the Chunky Monkey (©Gordon Ramsey) fainting Asian cowboy. :wink:

I couldn’t quit giggling after the duck was unveiled. It just looked so pathetic, and the thought of Melissa whispering, “We can’t serve this…no really…” just broke me up.