Hell's Kitchen 8/7/06 [SPOILERS]

Man, did Keith show his ass or what? What a moron.

I really hope Virginia beats the pants off of Heather in the finale but I’m not that confident she will. The only thing that gives me hope is that she’s been getting a much better edit than Heather.

Even if Virginia nailed the recipe in the quick challenge because she had read Ramsay’s boo, I still think it was a smart idea to read the book in the first place. It paid off for her. Heather, being the sore loser that she is, seemed to regard it as cheating, which is absurd. If there are future seasons of this show, I expect that the future contestants will have learned from Virginia’s example and will have all memorized Ramsay’s books from cover to cover.

I thought that Heather might actually show a little integrity for a second when she admitted that Virginia had done a better job expiditing, but then she just threw V under the bus as expected.

Keith is a moron. That just needed to be repeated. I’m amazed that GR showed as much restraint as he did when Keith made the insinuation that GR just wanted to bone V. If the cameras hadn’t been on, I think Ramsay might have smacked him in the head. I loved his retort to Keith, though:

GR: Why do you have to be so rude?
K: You’re rude to me all the time.
GR: So?


Oh…and in next week’s show, we apparently get to see an even bigger moron when Mr. Sweats-in-the Food declares that he won’t work for a woman.


I still hate Heather with an unreal amount of vitriol but Keith has been eroding what sympathy I had for him for weeks now. He’s been acting a complete cock and I’m not sorry to see the back of his sagging ass. Useless fucker!

Victoria is rallying strong… but their character rehab on her is coming waaaay late. She is ten times too insecure for my liking. Christ, woman, stop asking these tossers what they think of you, if they’re mad at you, if they’re putting you up for elimination. They’ve been gunning for you for weeks. Fuck 'em!

Keith, you fucking dick, you’re a shitty sport and a sore assed loser. I will never buy a product or eat in a restaurant you work for, not because you look unsanitary but because you are a backstabbing asshole. You fucked over Garrett and then you threw your homegirl Heather under the bus - she’s one of the bitches that beat you, yes? Ramsay was right though. This fucker couldn’t maintain eye contact with the camera for more than a second… it got annoying. That variant of slanglish he spoke grated mightily as well. Good riddance!

Heather’s a sore loser and ape-faced as well. For once, it would be nice for them to acknowledge that they were topped fair and square… she’s always the first to whinge about how the winner somehow got an advantage. Her crack about using the recipe book was really pathetic. Because a) if Virginia did use the cookbook, she’s a clever clogs, isn’t she? Why wouldn’t you, you fucking donkey? And b) the book is available in bookstores… why didn’t you get a copy and read it from cover to cover, shit for brains? What, you didn’t read up on Gordo before going on his show? You’ve been sequestered at LaBrea & Detroit and you can’t move your ass down to a Barnes & Noble?

I’m useless at getting my candidates to win these things… Heather will probably win, though I think she’ll have a lot more resentment from her teammates than Victoria will. But Victoria has presented herself as something of a doormat the entire time. Furthermore, while Heather has been solid running her station, she hasn’t shined individually on the competitions… Gordo might want someone with a little bit of creativity.

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Nothing really to add, but just want to join in the chorus: Keith really showed that he’s not ready to eat at the grown-up’s table.

My first thought was that perhaps if Heather and Keith didn’t smoke, they’d each have a better palate and could have done a better job on the challenge.

Heather is such a whiny pain in the ass that I really want Virginia to win.

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I don’t know what you people see in Virginia. Heather may be a butch bitch and Keith may be a low class jackass, but Virginia can’t seem to cook! She wins all sorts of dog and pony show competitions, but when she gets into the kitchen and tries to cook an actual meal she is clearly the weakest of the three. How can the worst cook win a cooking competition? If he wanted an executive to run a restaurant he should have talked to the Donald.

Plus, Virginia’s a simpering sycophant. She literally said to Ramsey, “I’ll think what you want me to think. I’ll be just like you.” If I was looking for my heir apparent and they said that to me I would have said, I already have someone who thinks like me, me. I’m looking for something with their own mind. Gordon Ramsey just went down about ten pegs in my book.

Who the hell gave a Brit a cooking show anyway?

There’s a difference between being able to cook and being able to cook on a line. The latter skill is not about creativity or talent but about being able to knock stuff out quickly, under pressure, and performing multiple tasks at once. It takes experience but does not require talent. Virginia seems to lack experience as a line cook but has clearly showed that she has a good palate and has creative talent. That’s what’s going to be required in an executive chef. I’ve seen a million Heathers in the restaurant business. They’re very effective on the line, you want them back there running things sometimes, but they don’t have a spark of originality or even real passion for the food. Ramsay isn’t hiring a line cook (and once again, that’s a skill that comes with experience anyway, it’s nothing remarkable in itself) he’s hirinng an executive chef and that means he’s going to take the person he thinks has actual talent over someone who just has learned skills and experience. I think the menu plans for next wek are going to be important and I’ll bet V’s menu is better than Heather’s.

You know what… you’re right about Heather. But, I still don’t think Virginia is any good either. The fellow who won last year’s show was smart, had a vision, and was a good chef. Same for the guy who won Top Chef on Bravo. No one from this band of misfits comes off half as good as either of those two. I’d can the whole lot of them.

I agree that Virginia is not really a great choice either but I think Ramsay is just trying to make the best of a bad situation by focusing on the one person who he feels has some spark of talent he can work with and train. His other choice is an unimaginative (and kind of mean spirited) workhorse. If he wasn’t contractually obligated to pick a winner, he probably wouldn’t hire either of them but he may feel that Virginia might at least have the makings of a real chef while Heather will never be anything but a reliable line cook.

I do think that he’s been impressed by Virginia’s palate (and this isn’t the first time she’s shown it). He’s said in the past that he has a pet peeve about chefs who lack good palates. It drives him nuts.

I certainly hope you’re right… Heather is a tool of the highest order - she certainly doesn’t seem to be able to handle the high-pressure stuff from Ramsay when she starts fucking up. When given the opportunity to create a quick flavorful meal, Virginia comes up with a delightful turkey prosciutto sarnie, while Heather comes up with… a plain assed grilled chicken bomber with fries. Nothing about her dish was creative or interesting. Not even a slice of cheese!

Note that the other chefs all tried something creative - it didn’t matter that they were “just” construction workers. Heather’s poor performance on the challenges shows that diners at the Red Rock resort can look forward to spaghetti lobster and wellingtons…

We know that Ramsay hates nastiness (Tom), incompetence (Sara-Giacomo-Garrett), attitude (Keith)… and he loves creativity (season 1 - Michael and the mom - forget her name). I think it will be a harrowing service, Heather will probably look better but ultimately her quality control and palate will not be as good as Virginia’s. Virginia will probably have problems throughout but if she can get a complete service methinks the customers will prefer what she comes up with.

I’m going to hijack for just a second here.

It’s been my experience that the most talented executive chefs/managers/people in power (in general) love nothing better than to have their own apprentice, perhaps somebody who won’t exactly copy them down the line in everything, but just enough so that people could point to the apprentice afterward and know that So-And-So trained them.

Conversely, there are inexperienced people out there who possess raw talent but need it honed in order to become successful. What better than to become an apprentice and learn from a master?

Virginia certainly has the raw talent. As she said last night, she’s teachable. That, in and of itself, is the best gift an apprentice can possess.

Yay! K-grease is gone! What a low-class sore loser.

I don’t like Virginia or Heather much either. Hmmm, who to root for…the tit-shaking whiner, or the hysterical backstabbing rude twat? I’m going to have to go with tit-shaking whiner.

Wow, I’ve not been watching this so much this season, but I caught last night and I agree that if I were GR, nobody would be winning this thing. I’d call Michael back from last season and say, ok training time is over, come get your new resturant.

And that Victoria sets off my warning bells big time. That girl is crazy, take my word for it. She looks and acts just like someone that I would have dated back before I got smarter about the way the world works. She’s as unstable as a meth lab.

I think people are forgetting that this isn’t The Apprentice. Unless they’ve changed the rules from last year, the final winner is going to be determined by how many people who eat at their individual mini-restaurants report a positive experience, not by Ramsey. If you recall, the diners were hand-picked last year to be from the restaurant’s stated target audience.

Who wins will depend on:

Good Food… (advantage: neither). I would want to say Heather had the advantage here. While her choice ultimately backfired on her, I thought her calculation at the roach coach was rather canny. I think she figured these guys would want simple good food that was convenient. Of course, she neglected to factor in that these guys were probably told they were getting a special lunch served by professional chefs. It could also be that she just doesn’t cook tons of food well under pressure, which we have ample proof for, but that’s a non-issue when they’ll both be standing at the hot plate instead of on the line. She could easily make another such miscalculation, or another like last night when she was ready to pass on the lumpy mashed potatoes, though, So I have to call it an even field on this point.

Conceived Interestingly…(advantage Virginia). she just seems to be a little more creative and have a very distinguishing palate. Of course, she is also extremely weird and may come up with a menu that’s a little too creative for the people she’s trying to reach. Heather could also surprise us with a really solid conception for a restaurant and its menu.

Presented Beautifully…(advantage Virginia). She has the better eye.

Served Reasonably Quickly(advantage Heather). Virginia could easily choke or retreat into fantasy land if the going gets really tough, which it will. Heather can handle herself.

I think any restaurant can survive on the first and last points alone. And my gut tells me that Heather will probably thrive there where Virginia may not. If Virginia does a good, consistent job a the hot plate, however, the decision will come down to whose food is more enticing, and she could easily prevail.

Maybe by the finale I’ll figure out why I can’t stop watching this show.

Okay, I’m saying Virginia takes it, and I didn’t even see the show with her tits. I just think she has more of the “executive” qualities of an executive chef, rather than just the cooking expertise. I can’t see the winner cooking on the line in Las Vegas anyway. She’ll probably be more of an greeter anyway.

So will K-Grease’s web site be up now?

You sure about that? My recollection is that, although Ramsay took the diner questionnaires into account, he had the final call.

Don’t forget that in this final service I don’t think they will be working the line, they will be on the hot plate (is that the right term, you know the shouting at cooks area). And they will be put to work with the kicked off contestants, and you never know what you will get out of those people.

Personaly I think Virgina would put together and run a better restaurnat. I don’t know if it would be successful. But I think she is better at everyting else except working the food stations,which I am not sure how good you need to be at that to run a restaurant.

That’s true. IIRC, Ralph and Michael were running neck-and-neck after the questionnaires were tabulated. GR made the final decision.