Hell's Kitchen 7/24

Line of the series: “Get your breasts off my hotplate!”

I wasn’t surprised Keith picked Virginia to go to Vegas. I think he just wanted to avoid picking between Garrett and Heather.

Raw chicken – pretty much had to go.

They say next weeks elimination will be the most shocking yet. The only way it could be the most shocking is if Keith and Heather are on the chopping block. It would be shocking if Virginia finally got the axe for as many times as she’s been up for elimination. The previews make it look like it’s going to be Sarah who gets in the most trouble so that probably guarantees it won’t be her. Which will be wrong because Keith and Heather are the only ones capable enough to have a restaurant and should be in the final two.

That and the fact that he’s always got that Vincent D’Onofrio, Full Metal Jacket stare going on. Ramsay was probably worried he was going to catch Garret in the crapper cleaning a rifle one night.

I badly want Sarah to go but the preview promises “the most shocking elimination yet.” The only one who would be any surprise at all would be Keith. Even though the teasers show Ramsay delivering some (richly deserved, I’m sure) obscenties at Sarah she ust not be the next to go. I’m guessing Heather.

Of course, the most shocking elimination could refer to the segment and not the person who gets eliminated. Sara could get into it with Chef Ramsay in the kitchen and at the elimination.

You had to figure that Garret was going after he tried to defend the raw chicken because it was faster. :rolleyes: And he carried on like a total infant after Keith picked Virginia.

I meant to say that it would NOT be shocking if Virginia were eliminated.

I too, fear for Heather but she has been inconsistent while Keith has been improving.

Maybe the shocker is that Sarah says “F.U.” to Chef Ramsay and walks out before he can eliminate her? Oh, please, oh please, let that be it.
Another possibility, since Larry left voluntarily a while back and there was still an elimination for that episode, is it possible that they are ahead of schedule and may not even have an elimination next week?

Ooh. There is a very interesting thought. I’ve noticed too how much they love to play with your expectations with the teasers…they don’t need to. I’m RIVETED by the stupid show. I was last season too.

I never thought that Keith would end up being what seems to be the best all around so far. (Though one can never tell what they edit for.)

Sara is the contestant I love to hate. Wait no. I just hate her.

Gordon in the same episode asking the complaining customer to get her breasts off his pass thru AND asking a flirty Jean Phillipe if he were trying to lose his virginity? Fabulous.


Sara must have the luck of the Irish in spades. And I don’t think she’s even Irish. I’m thinking she’ll actually have to vomit onto a plate in front of GR to be eliminated.

Keith DID screw Garrett over the first time, though.

Yeah, I’m figuring out their game with the fake-outs. Keith has gotten the golden boy edit for the past few episodes… methinks he is getting set up for a big big fall. I’m certain that the Red Rock Casino people are like, “No way is this tool gonna be the face of our restaurant - we’ll take Heather, thanksverymuch.”

Even with the positive action in the kitchen the “K-Grease” schtick is strong with this one and won’t wash out. Going to Vegas looking like an extra in Whiteboyz… not good. Referring to his fellow female competitors as “the bitches?” Even worse. (Even though he’s at least 2/3 correct.)

I’m actually beginning to hate Sara less. She fucked up royally last week, and had to deal with Little Miss Perfect Heather this week. She really hasn’t had time to invent problems and act like a complete bitch. Virginia is a waste of space. She doesn’t have any use in the show at this point - Ramsay’s not interested, we’ve already seen her tits, etc. I still hate Heather because she looks like a red-faced baboon and is great about throwing others under the bus while claiming her shit doesn’t stink, even when Ramsay points it out to her. (Remember her little speech about how her team sucked, but she should have been spared?)

I felt sorry for Garrett, although he scared the living shit out of me (and probably Gordo) with his tendency to look like a mass murderer (nice one DtC!) and hit things. K-Grease did him, with no Vaseline… not very nice. I think it was only a matter of time 'til he exploded. I think K-Grease better watch his back and change his address (yet another reason not to choose him to win).

The tantrum thrown by Boobs McBoobage was hilarious. You would think with all of the work done under the neck she’d have some done above… and Gordo was remarkably restrained in his initial response. I wonder how much she got paid for tossing the tray? (And did it look like the two views of the tantrum - before and after the commercial - were slightly different?)

Oh, and because I want to give you all nightmares:

The K-Grease Website!

Yeah, after a while, every time he came on screen, we were chanting, “Wah! Wah! Keith lied!”

We usually refer to the three females on the show as Bitch (Sarah), Tits (Virginia), and The Other Girl (Heather). I’d say The Other Girl is going home next, just because she’s boring.

The only “shocking” elimination would be if Ramsay told all four of the remaining [del]idiots[/del] chefs to get the hell out of the kitchen and turned over the new restaurant to Mary Ann, Scott, and Jean Philippe.

Okay, I must have come into the series late. When did Virginia show her tits?

Last week - not sure if it was intentional or not, but she had a blurred-out chest when the girls were in bathing suits outside during a segment.

Is it wrong to be in love with Chef Ramsay? Every time he yells at one of them, I swoon.

I like Heather, but I think I like Heather because the other two women are more of a waste than Cousin Oliver on the Brady Bunch. She does crack me up a bit in her little camera moments.

Sara…I just hate her. That’s all there is to it. I just hate her.

I think the shocking elimination twist! will be Garrett returning with a shotgun and ‘eliminating’ Keith and Virginia.


My bet: The shocking elimination twist… won’t be.

This show has a habit of exaggerating promo bits beyond recognition.

“There’s blood everywhere!” = Undercooked meat.
“The worst mistake a chef can make/You could have killed someone!”= Undercooked chicken (I thought it was going to be a food allergy thing, that could have been exciting).

Here’s how I think it will go:
Heather for the win

I think Keith will fall apart when he has to have full control of his mock resturaunt… With Garret serving under him.

That’ll happen sooner than before he gets to Vegas. IIRC from the first season, all of the previously eliminated people come back to run the kitchens on the last night of service.

I thought the “you could have killed someone” was going to be from someone running around with a knife.
What I think is amazing about these type of shows is how people think they can have friendships with each other and then get surprised when they get the shaft from their buddy. The fact of the matter is everyone is out for themselves and they are going to stab their competition in the back at the first opporunity, they are no friendships in reality TV and there’s no crying in baseball.

Yes, I think Garrett mentioned that “guys against chicks” thing again the other night. :rolleyes:
I couldn’t believe they all fell for it in the first place. It’s not like you’ll be sharing a prize with your homeboys, numbnuts.

That’s what i meant. I don’t think Keith has what it takes to run a kitchen. Heather’s already demonstrated some leadership skills. Even if Keith is himself better at cooking, Heather’s organization will win out.

Plus the K-Grease website is all but admitting that he lost.

There’s also the image problem. Going out to a high-end restaurant you want to believe that some Great Master Chef is in charge, creating something REALLY special for you. They can be rude, snappy, haughty, suave, whatever, but you’ve got to feel there’s a pretty sharp mind inside the skull.

Can you see anyone being impressed by Keith? Really? He’s looks like he was assembled from left-over parts by someone who didn’t bother to read the instructions. (Yes, that’s lookism, but the fact is we DO judge people on how they look, at least initially.)

Plus Keith moves very awkwardly, clumsily. If you ever needed an image for what ‘shambling’ means, watch him when he tries to hurry. And then there’s the way he dresses, especially when he got all dolled up to go to Las Vegas. :rolleyes:

Keith as the featured star at a million dollar restaurant?? No. Just no.
BTW, whatever happened to last year’s winner? Is he still apprenticing?

I came in a little late to this show, and I can’t help but wonder how much of it is staged (or at least “prepped”). I don’t mean the behavior of the chefs – they all seem to be genuinely annoying and pissy – I’m mainly talking about Ramsey. One night he’ll take them out on the town and be a total gentleman, kissing the girls on the cheek, etc., and then the next day he’s calling them stupid useless bleepety-bleeps. Then he’s back to Mr. Nice Guy for whichever team happened to be slightly less incomptetent the night before. If a normal person behaved like that, people would consider him a total loon. So I’m betting Ramsey made it clear up front that he was going to go totally over the top whenever they screwed up, and that they should remember that it’s all a game. Not that his anger is unconvincing, mind you – I think he’s really upset, but I think he ramps it up for the camera, and the chefs know it.

On the other hand, I agree with **Hippy Hollow ** that the “get-your-breasts-off-my-hot-plate” incident was probably staged.

(And why is everyone calling Keith “K-Grease”?)