~~Anyone know what happened to these guys now that the band no
longer exists?

Also, am I the only one who hears a little bit of hemet coming out
of licks from newer bands like God Smack?

:wink: [sup]Do they play the organ?[/sup]

Helmet is the band that really brought out the sound of drop D tuning. EVERY song they have ever written is extremly easy to play because of it. I really used to like helmet. Their last album was Aftertaste, which was really quite good. The only disc of theirs that left a little to be desired was betty, but even that one had some good tunes on it.

Page has put out some solo stuff since then. Some noise rock. Cant explain it. You just dont need to hear it. Its awful.

I may be wrong but I dont think helmet has ever officially broken up.

I wouldnt be surprised to see them come back around.

BTW, Godsmack sux a fat Kok!

Helmetdisbanded in 1999.

On a side note: Chris Traynor lives in Charlottesville Va, not too far from me, and teaches guitar. I was thinking of going up there and taking some lessons from him.

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