Help a Doper go Cross Country

This is a totally pointless thread.

Imagine Doper A had to get from NYC to, say, LA for a family emergency and had very little money. Would we collectively be able to help him or her out?

Assuming he can get to Delaware Water Gap, PA. I can pick him up and drive to maybe State College, PA with very little sweat off my back. Can he get to DWG? Would he be stranded in State College?

Well, said Imaginary Doper could easily get a bus from NYC into New Jersey (I only live 30 miles outside the city, but it’d be easier and cheaper to pick up Figment from the mall or something), and I could get him to DWG without a problem.

Great, he has a ride to PA, as well as a name!

If no one can get him from State College, maybe I can get Figment south to Harrisburg for help (I’m looking at you, Airman Doors).

He doesn’t need the most direct route, because this “emergency” isn’t time sensitive.

Just subscribing to this thread so when Figment gets to my nect of the woods I can help him/her.

( what gender is Figment? )

or my neck of the woods.

Well, if Figment ever ends up in the vicinity of Middle of Nowhere, Minnesota, I’d be more than happy to help out!

As long as Figment isn’t scared of flying in small airplanes, and can get him/herself to the Harrisonburg, VA area, I can usually talk a student into a cross-country flight of at least a couple hundred miles, so that would leave him stranded somewhere in Kentucky or Tennessee.

Figment gets violently airsick. From both ends. It’s not a pretty sight.

Speaking of not a pretty sight, and in response to the question regarding gender, Figment is closely related to Pat.

I don’t think Figment want to come this far south but if it gets near Asheville I bet The Left Hand of Dorkness can bring him to Tuxedo (on the state line) and I could take him on towards Atlanta.

That might be a bit too south though. He might get sucked in by those FlaDopers! :eek:

If Figment needs to come to Florida I can meet him or her at the GA state line.

Figment gets violently airsick. From both ends. It’s not a pretty sight.

Well then, Figgy is out of luck from my end if he shows up in the next day or so. I’d gladly give a ride, but my car is sitting in a parking lot 30 miles from home, waiting for me to install a new distributor coil.

If he can wait a couple days, then I’d be happy to drive into West Virginia somewhere.

After Figment is done in Florida, I can give him a ride ( if its after the Floridope :slight_smile: ) from Florida to Omaha, Nebraska. Traveling through GA, TN, KY, IL and IA.

Well, first things first. Draelin dropped him off at the Water Gap, and I’m on 80 W. Am I continuing on 80W out towards Ohio (what the hell, I’ll call in sick tomorrow), or should I head south on 81, and meet a fellow Doper at the Mason/Dixon line who can continue with Figment on his journey?

If this fictional person makes it down around Atlanta for some reason, I could probably kick himher from the ATL to somewhere around Alabama, though I could get em to New Orleans if they came sometime around August.

If Fig gets as far as Claremont, I can borrow my roommate’s car and put him the last 40 miles into LA proper. But only for another two months. After that, I’m graduating.

If Figment happens to end up near east TN, I can go from the Knoxville area to the Nashville or Atlanta areas. I can also do pickup around Bristol, VA or Asheville, NC.

Oh, I think either myself or MsRobyn could find it in our hearts to help out someone in need. :slight_smile:

I’m off the described path, but I would be willing to help if Figment passed through SE Virginia.

When I was active in Boxer rescue, this type of event was a regular occurance, where a dog was in transit to a new home in a different state. We called them Cur Runs. :wink:

So this is a Dope Run?

This is shaping up so far. I need to get a map to figure out the route and who’s got him (I will post another recap when I do), but it looks like we can get him to Omaha. After all that time alone with misstee, he may not want to continue on, but after she chews him up and spits him out, he will still need to get to LA. Can someone get him from Omaha to points westward?