HELP! Any good, bad, or indifferent Veggie Tales questions?

SHIT! I wish I knew about that a few days ago! We could have a rousing game of VeggieTales Bingo.

Ah, bingo in church. Brings back memories. :slight_smile:

I love Veggie Tales.

You could discuss whether the Jonah movie would be better or worse for children if they had made up a happy ending for the Jonah story.


Wine and coffee - no hot dish? What the hell kind of Lutherans are you?

Have any of you heard about the new movie coming out?
The song that they play on the radio is called “belly Button”
i love veggie tales

Piss-poor. But we did have cheese.

Actually, the movie did rather well, for an overtly Christian story. The problem came afterwards when one distributor sued them on the basis of a verbal contract and won a $12 million dollar judgement.

I’ve never heard of a verbal contract being enforceable!

And I believe that their main production facility for “Jonah” was in Yorktown Mall in Lombard, IL (which I was in earlier tonight, as it’s across the highway from my office and I was shopping for a birthday gift). I’d hardly call Lombard “morally bankrupt” - it’s your usual middle and upper class suburb, really.

so dropzone, how did it go?

They had moved some facilities to West Chicago, where my kids toured them last year. **

Dinsdale, Mr Hot-Shot Glen Ellyn Lawyer, was making a dig, forgetting his own roots in the Lilac Village. :wink: **

Upper class? Tell that to my property values.

Nicely. Not a big bunch of people but more than I feared. I dread future movie nights, though, as the movies people suggested tended toward the direction of “Fried Green Tomatoes” and “The Emperor’s Club.” shudder One guy asked when “Luther” would be on video. I thought we might be able to get a copy made by somebody holding a video camera off Kazaa but others questioned the appropriateness of that.

I tried to post these before your shindig, I really did. The hamsters didn’t like that idea. Anyway, here’s some Veggie Tales questions:

How can Larry play the tuba without hands?

What fuels Bob’s anger towards the song at the end of the show? (The one before Qwerty’s verse. “And so what we have learned applies to our lives today…”)

What is meant by featuring Jerry and Jimmy Gourd in the “I Can Be Your Friend” song, and what does it mean in terms of discrimination and overweight persons?

What would the inside of your nose smell like if your nostrils were filled with sorbet? What would you hear if your ears were filled with cheese balls?

What would you do if the three guys from the Stuff Mart came to your house?

Do kings have a right to rubber duckies?

How does the king’s love for his rubber duck compare with God’s love for humanity?

If you were to play Scrabble, would you use a vegetable as a table?

PS: I grew up Baptist. Jesus never drank wine, that was really a euphemism for grape juice! :wink:

He was adorable and I found him the most likable character.


I now have the Bunny Song stuck in my head.


New or original version?

And just wait until you get that song from Daniel in the Lions’ Den in your head. (Well, I have a song in my head, but I can’t sing it…)

You know, I was wondering that myself.

They’ve been bought by the same folks who own or manage properties like “Rocky and Bullwinkle” and “Lassie.”

It’s shown in some other videos that Bob detests the song itself. IIRC, he’s unplugged the computer before to prevent its singing.

That link has news dated the first week of September - this link references the sale in the article you mention and also adds that they’re going up for auction at the end of October, in which another party could acquire them.

I LOVE VeggieTales and would like to have a job writing it. I could easily brush up on my Monty Python.

The thing I would like to know concerns the cheeseburger song. Does Jimmy Gourd (or Jerry) cheat on the cheeseburger because he eats breakfast instead? What is that saying about holding out for true love? :smiley:

No wait, I have more questions. They just came to me. Whatever happened to Mr. Lunt’s eyes?
And Pa Grapes too.
Why can’t Larry play the guitar due to lack of hands but the dad asparagus can?
What was Bob thinking giving something away that didn’t belong to him (hairbrush)?
Does anyone else think the rumor weed bears a remarkable likeness to Ann Richards?
If Jesus was a vegetable which one would he be?
Instead of the cross would they put him in a food processor?
I liked Kalil a lot and I think he had it more together than Jonah did (that Mr. Grumpy-pants).

::Barbara Manatee manatee manatee You are the one for me::