Help! Can no longer receive NPR “Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me!” Podcast

I am along time subscriber to the “Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me!” podcast (whose web page is at For the last several weeks, though, it has failed to download, and I can’t figure out why. I use a now rather ancient program called ReplayAV for podcast subscription. Until a few weeks ago it worked perfectly well, and it still works perfectly well for other podcasts (mostly BBC ones) that I subscribe to, but not for “Wait, Wait”. I did not change any of the settings; it just stopped downloading like it used to. I can download the show manually (via the button on the page linked above) but cannot get the automatic podcast download to work any more.

My best guess is that either the podcast (at least via RSS rather than through iTunes) has just been discontinued, or the RSS URL has changed. However, the page linked above seems to indicate that the podcast is still available, and the RSS URL given there is the same as what it always was. I tried copying it and re-pasting it into Replay AV in case some difference that I somehow failed to notice had crept in, but that did not solve the problem. I checked all the other ReplayAV settings to see if they had somehow inadvertently got changed. They had not. I recreated the whole subscription from scratch. No dice. (Note that ReplayAV continues to successfully download several other podcasts as normal.) Could NPR have inadvertently stopped podcasting the show, and not have realized it?

I note that RSS feed URL given on the page linked above is:
That is the one that used to work for me.
However, a button marked RSS at the bottom of the main page for the show links to
I have tried this as well, pasting it into the appropriate place in Replay AV, but this does not work either.

So, is anybody else having a problem with the “Wait, Wait” podcast? Is it me, or is it NPR? Can anyone suggest a solution that does not involve manual downloading or iTunes? (I do not want to use iTunes.)

For what it’s worth, it’s been working fine for me, I haven’t had to change any settings on my software (I use BeyondPod on my Android phone). It’s set to the first RSS URL you listed.

Sounds like the issue is probably at my end then. :frowning: I can’t figure out what it could be, though. Is it possible I have somehow been blocked because I am in the UK?

Your downloads have bugs by the passel
The podcast’s so much of a hassle
It must be your fate
With no more “wait wait”
You can’t hear the voice of Carl Kasell.