Help - CD Burning gone bad!

I have burnt so many coasters - please help!

I tried burning an .avi file to CD with Nero and all went well - Nero said the burn was successful. When I tried playing it, however, WMP came up with an “unknown error”. Oh well.

So I burnt it again. Same error.

The (hard disc) version plays fine.

I have burnt .avi’s before without problem.

I tried a different .avi file. Same error.

I burnt at a slow speed. Same error.

I tried an mp3 file. No problem. It plays fine.

I downloaded the latest version of Nero. Same error.

What now? Any ideas as to what I should try to identify the problem? Thanks.

What happens if you copy the files from the CD to a directory on your hard disk and attempt to play them?

I tried this! It copies fine, right till the end, and then the CD starts whirring and it came up with some sort of error message.

How large was the AVI file? It is possible that eventhough NERO was saying all was fine, that it just barely couldn’t fit on a CD-R.

I would try converting the file to another format using tmpgenc or a similar type of program and then try burning to CD-R again.

Uh OK. It was large ~ 700MB. That has not been a problem before, I don’t think. I will try again with a file of half that size and see if I end up with another coaster!

Well goddamn Dragwyr, the smaller sized avi worked just fine! I am amazed because I thought I had burnt 700 MB files fine in the past. Perhaps I am confused! Anyway, now I know the problem, so thank you very much!

No problem. Happy burning! :slight_smile: